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About InnerFidelity
Stereophile has a limited number of pages available each month, and many aspects of audio enthusiasm simply can't be covered in appropriate depth there. InnerFidelity, AudioStream, and a soon to be announced analog audio site act to broaden and deepen the reach of Home Tech Network brands.

InnerFidelity exists to report about the world of personal audio. Headphones are the premier focal point, but products like: portable audio players; headphone amps; small desktop speakers; smartphone apps and streaming services; clock radios; and boomboxes will also be covered. Basically, if it's not in a high end listening room, home theater room, or related to a home media server, it may be covered by InnerFidelity.

This is a lot of ground to cover, and I've been helped by a small but growing cadre of contributors in these efforts. CNET's Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg jumped on the band wagon early on to lend a hand. He's been a great help not only in providing product coverage and think-pieces, but also to me personally as I struggle to become a worthy audio journalist. John Grandberg, a long time Head-Fi member and avid reviewer there, has stepped to the plate with numerous and detailed articles on portable player devices and small desktop speakers. Other knowledgable headphone aficionados have brought their considerable expertise to the fore with a variety of articles including: Ryan Clarin; Nate Maher; Macedonian Hero; NwAvGUY (NwAvGUY blog); Tai Ming Sow (his In Ear Matters blog); and Kojaku. I look forward very much to their future writings, and hope others with significant expertise will come forward to offer their wisdom.

This focus on personal audio means InnerFidelity has a somewhat different value system than strictly audiophile publications. Personal style, convenience, and comfort will play a bigger roll in product evaluation here. Audio fidelity remains front and center, however, and though many personal audio product will fall short of audiophile reference quality, there is simply no reason any personal audio product should fail to sound good enough to please avid listeners.

While product reviews will be the main fare here at InnerFidelity, I also intend to provide a full banquet of content for a broad range of personal audio enthusiasts' interests. DIY activity is strong in the headphone community, and many aspects of self-made gear will be covered. There are many contentious topics among the headphone faithful, and I will try to bring light and understanding to those topics. I look forward to the heated dialog with relish.

One particular area of coverage that I'm finding more and more attractive as time goes on is trade shows and large meets. I very much look forward to being the eyes and ears for those who can't make it to CES, RMAF, and all the very cool gatherings at which new and interesting persons and products appear.

InnerFidelity also has the backing of management to organize an event of its own. This is a mighty undertaking, and may take a while to build, but, dag nub it, I'm going to go for it! When I do, I'll need a fair bit of help from the community of enthusiasts because I plan for this event to be as hobbyist-centric as possible. I WILL NOT JUST PRODUCE ANOTHER TRADE SHOW!!! I promise DIY rigs, soldering irons, swag, and beer.

Last but not least, InnerFidelity is about you experiencing your music and gear personally. This site is about personal audio, so your personal experience counts! Please, feel free to comment on articles and in the forums about your personal audio experience. It matters to you, so it matters to InnerFidelity and its readers.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to serve the headphone and personal audio community. I am humbled by the opportunity to spread the gospel of good listening to the broader consumer market. My greatest hope is a world where people can go anywhere and everywhere while experiencing the joys of listening to their music. A musical movable feast is at hand. Art in your pocket brings InnerFidelity.

Happy listening!

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