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4) PX 200-IIi ($149)

The Sennheiser PX 200-IIi is possibly the perfect portable headphone. It's extremely light; folds like a pair of sunglasses; provides fairly good isolation for a headphone of this type; works as a headset for your phone; and sounds absolutely stellar. Great for the person who has to have their headphones with them at all times.
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5) UCube Portable Computer Speakers($149)

Here's the gift of giving a laptop a better voice. Simply plug the UCubes together and into the USB jack of a laptop for the power and signal to drive these dandy little speakers. Great for student and travel laptop users!
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6) V-Moda M-80/V-80 ($199)

Oh. My. Goodness! These are my new favorite headphone. If I were to get a pair of headphones for Christmas, I would want to get these. And I did! Built like a tank; look like a million bucks; customizable with your own graphic ($45 extra cost), and sounds among the best in its class. Killer looks; killer sound (good bass, too); this is a headphone gift to die for.
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7) B&W P5 ($299)

For the gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life, the B&W P5 is the perfect headphone. All leather and steel to the touch, this sumptuous headphone is also a great performer. The sound is warm and rich; the isolation is terrific for city dwellers; and they work great as an iPhone/iPad headset. Your audiophile will be tickled pink with this stunningly cool piece of audio kit.
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