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Sean Sabino Posted: Jun 18, 2015 1 comments

Spotify doubles its subscriber count in a year and gives more back to the artist.
SoundMagic announces two new in-ears.
Livesoundwave opens a showroom in Orlando, FL.
Partsconnexion is having a huge sale!

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Jun 17, 2015 19 comments
I've seen some reports that the Stax 007 MkII (the "Omegas") sound a bit bassy and dull, but I don't have that reaction with the KGSS amp and a superior DAC. My precious Stax is clearly missing something in the bass department and I wanted to see if I could transfuse the slam of the Audeze into the Stax and have the best of both worlds.
n_maher Posted: Jun 16, 2015 22 comments

Ok, ok, so it's not a whole lot to look at but that's one of the things that makes me like it. And I really like it a lot.

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Sean Sabino Posted: Jun 15, 2015 10 comments
NPR reports how well everyone did on the Audio Quality Test.
Aumeo creates personalized hearing profiles.
TTVJ offers a pre-order on the limited edition Grado GH1.
Two personal audio enthusiast meets are coming up later this month.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Jun 12, 2015 28 comments

Some cool things coming up, I wanted to let you know what's going on.

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Sean Sabino Posted: Jun 11, 2015 15 comments
ChipSiP introduces a headphone with a Google Glass-like display.
Doppler kickstarts an earphone that lets you equalize the real world.
Washington state bans headphones and earphones which cover both ears while driving.
LEAR begins offering Semi-Hard Shells on their LEAR LCM 1-BD4.2 models and any reshells.

Tyll Hertsens Posted: Jun 10, 2015 34 comments

Not long ago a reader asked me if I would experiment with how glasses effects headphone measurements. The dummy head doesn't have a I just taped them on. He won't mind.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Jun 09, 2015 28 comments
More headphones this month than there were days in the month. The tester is getting a workout!
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Sean Sabino Posted: Jun 08, 2015 21 comments

NPR gives you a platform to see if you can differentiate between bitrates.
Apple enters the streaming scene.
The Met Museum collaborates with John Luther Adams to source ambient recordings for an album.
A fantastic deal on the Creative Aurvana Live! and Soundblaster E1 lands on Massdrop.

Tyll Hertsens Posted: Jun 06, 2015 15 comments

I think we're part of the audiophile world, but I think we're different too.


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