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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Jun 28, 2013 33 comments

I recently visited Dr. Sean Olive, Harman International's Director of Acoustic Research and president-elect of the Audio Engineering Society, for an in-depth rundown on their ground-breaking work on understanding the relationship between the subjective and objective performance of headphones.

Oh my, this is seriously good stuff.

John Grandberg Posted: Jun 24, 2013 19 comments

A high-quality monitor speaker which is just as comfortable on the desktop as it is in the living room? Made to order in the USA by a highly respected, veteran speaker company? For a price that's not astronomical? Yes please!

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Ariel Bitran Posted: Jun 24, 2013 9 comments
"Gah!" says Luke Schaack of Grand Junction, Colorado. His life's been hectic lately. Despite his busy schedule, he managed to find time to take a picture with his brand new blue Skullcandy Navigator headphones.
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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Jun 20, 2013 34 comments
Been grinding away at the amp measurement routine and I think we're there. I would like some comments though before I measure a bunch of headphone amps this weekend.
Skylab Posted: Jun 17, 2013 8 comments

I have seen some nice looking Pathos products reviewed in the pages of Stereophile before, but I have never heard any until now. They always seemed to get enthusiastic reviews, and the pictures looked pretty. When the Aurium showed up here, I didn't have any idea what to expect sonically, but I expected and got a nice looking product.

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Ariel Bitran Posted: Jun 17, 2013 6 comments
You would think the promise of internet fame would make Moose a happy pooch, but there is sadness in his eyes. He knows his owner is going to be spending way more time with her new Westone 4Rs and less time playing fetch. Taylor Kasony is the winner of our Westone 4R Sweepstakes.
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Ariel Bitran Posted: Jun 17, 2013 4 comments
Innerfidelity reader Timothy Herbert of Providence, Rhode Island is the lucky winner of our Logic3 Scuderia P200 Headphone Sweepstakes . He can no longer say, "I never win anything." Tim expressed his love for Innerfidelity and gratitude for his prize.

We wish you the best, and happy listening!

Tyll Hertsens Posted: Jun 14, 2013 2 comments

Phew! That's it. Just a few loose ends and a teaser for a surprise next year.

Tyll Hertsens Posted: Jun 14, 2013 5 comments

I know it's confusing: the fart joke name, slick website, cheap prices, great looking gear, it's hard to know what to think of it. Worry not, it's good shit.

Tyll Hertsens Posted: Jun 13, 2013 8 comments

I've been drooling for quite a while now in anticipation of CEntrance's release of their HiFi-M8 high-end portable headphone amplifier. Guess I'll have to keep hydrating for just a little bit longer...but only just a little bit. The HiFi-M8 is going to be shipping "very soon" says Michael Goodman, CEntrance's CEO.

This product's development has been a collaborative effort between Michael and the Head-Fi community, so I spent a bit of time with him at the Newport show talking about the process.


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