Bob Katz Posted: Mar 08, 2016 71 comments

Bob Katz has fallen in love with the Oppo PM-3 and HA-2. A rather long review, but hey, he's in love. Waxing prosaic is part of the deal.

Tyll Hertsens Posted: Mar 06, 2016 54 comments

They say it's all about the stories. Well here's another chapter for a venerable and storied headphone.

Tyll Hertsens Posted: Feb 27, 2016 32 comments

I'd love to meet a super-model with a good head on her shoulders. But being an old dude, I'll happily settle for the way-more-than-skin-deep beauty of the Meze 99 Classics.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Feb 25, 2016 8 comments
I like to consider myself pretty good at guessing what might come along in the world of headphones, but I certainly didn't expect these!
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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Feb 23, 2016 16 comments
This article is primarily for manufacturers and PR reps to understand what InnerFidelity is all about; how to get their products submitted; and what to expect from InnerFidelity's review process.
Tyll Hertsens Posted: Feb 19, 2016 19 comments

Some audiophile gear is like fine jewelry, but lacks technical competence. Some audiophile gear is butt-ugly, but gloriously competent in musical fidelity.

The HeadAmp GS-X does both insanely well.

Bob Katz Posted: Feb 16, 2016 130 comments
Hooo boy! Bob pulls out all the stops in his latest episode.

This is a little treasure trove of incisive opinion on a bunch of pretty darn good $150-$500 full-size sealed headphones.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Feb 12, 2016 27 comments
Woot! Headphone amplifier measurements are happening!
Tyll Hertsens Posted: Feb 09, 2016 23 comments

I was measuring some DIY headphones this weekend and got sucked into playing with filter paper in front of the driver. Thought all you DIYers out there would get a kick out of the data.

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Tyll Hertsens Posted: Feb 05, 2016 51 comments

Grab a drink and turn on some background tunes, this is going to be one hell of a ride.