TODAY! Tyll on's "Home Theater Geeks" Podcast.

Scott Wilkinson has kindly asked me to join him on his "Home Theater Geeks" podcast over on It's really more than just a podcast however, Scott will be interviewing me via Skype, and both the audio and video will be available.

The show will be broadcast on live TODAY, Monday, June 20, at 2:15pm Pacific Time (2115UTC). Both audio and video will be available afterward on the Home Theater Geek page on TWiT; for real Podcast is available through iTunes here.

I reckon we'll be talking about headphones and headphone geeks, but you never know.

See you then!

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As a long time TWIT listener this is great news!

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that was awesome tyll, I enjoyed it a lot

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.... too bad my mike was clipping so bad. We did a sound check, but I think I talked a lot louder during the spot. D'oh ... what a maniac. It was fun though, I'd love to do more of it ... with a better mike.
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I just tried to listen to the audio portion only and the audio stream was so choppy that I gave up. I couldn't even get enough of the conversation to 'fill in the blanks'.

I'm not sure what the problem is or was but it initially sounded interesting.


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They say on the You Tube video they had problems with the studio gear ... but I think it was my fault. I tested the levels and then when we started the program and I opened my big mouth I think I got all excited and talked 10dB louder.

Oh well .... here's the video, I think they worked on the sound a bit.

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say there er, tyll (almost used the p moniker, old habits & all) :thumb :D

I even tried it via iTunes with no luck.

Thanks for the video.

JJ :evilgrin
ps did the 1350's motivate the haircut? :grin