AudioQuest DragonFly USB Digital-Audio Converter and Sydney Interconnect Sweepstakes

Register to win an AudioQuest DragonFly USB Digital-Audio Converter and Sydney Interconnect (MSRP $478) we are giving away.

According to AudioQuest:

Beautiful Sound ... From Any Computer: DragonFly is an affordable and easy-to-use device that delivers far superior sound by bypassing the poor quality sound card that is built into your computer. DragonFly is a sleek, flash drive sized Digital-Audio Converter that connects to a USB jack on a Mac or Windows PC, turning any computer into a true high- fidelity music source.

Whether you’re on the go or at home, listening on ear buds or connecting your computer to a stereo system, DragonFly reveals all the emotional expression and nuance that makes your favorite music, or movies, so enjoyable. However you connect it, DragonFly simply and easily makes any computer sound better.

Plays All Music Files: MP3 to 24-bit/192kHz
Drives Headphones Directly
Variable Output Drives Powered Speakers or Power Amp
Fixed Output Feeds Preamp or Receiver
Asynchronous Transfer Ensures Digital Timing Integrity
Two Clocks Enable Native Resolution Up To 24-bit/96kHz

For this special sweepstakes, included with DragonFly is a low-distortion AudioQuest Sydney analog interconnect cable with a 3.5mm "mini" plug at the DragonFly end and stereo RCAs at the other end. From AQ's Bridges & Falls series, Sydney is all that's required to connect DragonFly to a full-blown audio rig just like a traditional DAC or disc player, or directly to a power amplifier. Sydney employs superior materials and design, including solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ conductors, air-tube insulation, and AudioQuest's 3-layer Noise-Dissipation System for low distortion and high performance.

Click here for more info from Audioquest.

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Asr's picture

Thanks for the chance to win.

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Hope I win.

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I would love to have one

tdherbert's picture

I've read lots of good things about the DragonFly and would love to try it out!

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Definitely sign me up!  My laptop could sure use an upgraded sound card...

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I always wonder what can somebody achief with so small device.

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please, pretty please cheeky

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Sign me up Tyll! I'm game. :) 

mikeaj's picture

DragonFly seems like an interesting product.  Not like a dissection would reveal everything going on, but is there a teardown anywhere?

MrE's picture

This is exactly what I need to have for use with my Macbook Pro. I integrate my mbp with my home hi-fi system and use it on the road for my studies as musicologist and as a musician. Great contest, hope I win!

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hopefully i can get my hands on this!

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I'd like to give it a listen.

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Yes please would love one.

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Count me in. 

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memememememem choose me lol :D

please send me a PM WHEN I win :)

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I listened to it at RMAF and was very impressed.

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Thank you for the opportunity!

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Does it work with Linux?

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Sydney or the bush .. either will sound good )

Bmurphy7328's picture

I am new to computer audio and at this point I download everything to my IPod.  Have heard of the Dragonfly and read the reviews.  Sounds like a great way to get high Rez downloads to me amp!

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Congratulations to whoever wins it!

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A Powerbook G4 without a DAC.....Hell!

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This will be awesome to have to listen to my tunes. Thanks for the option

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Thanks for the chance.  Love the site.

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I would love this!

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This would be my first DAC.

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OK, so I had to register to have a chance. Smart step, Tyll! :)

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That's one sexy gadget that i'd love to win !
thanks for allowing me to participate :)

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I've read a lot of good reviews for the DragonFly USB DAC and would love to get my hands on one.

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This looks like a simple winner from audioquest to upgrade the computer for music and better sound inexpensively. I hope I win this one as I really love audioquest prioducts.

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I need a dac for my headphones. Also wanna know difference.

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A nice new DAC never hurts, especially when its for free. I've got plenty of usb ports to go around. I could use some new cables too, so here's my hat in the ring.

andymblock's picture

I sure will be embarassed if I win this and my only comment was, "I sure will be embarassed if I win this and my only comment was, "I sure will be . . .

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Lovely piece of kit.

Copacetic's picture

Overseas entrants welcome too?

I surely hope so

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Would love to have one of those to use with my electric drumset.

K's picture

I would love to win this product as it would be really great to listen to high quality music at uni. 

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Would love to try it!

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A find myself traveling a lot with a laptop yet listening to music from my portable rig (and plugging the headphones into the computer like an idiot when watching videos on youtube for example) so I could really use and enjoy one of these.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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I would love to try one of these out with my modest system!

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Thanks for the chance! Hope I win this!

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that an impoverished wannabe audiophile in possession of absolutely zero fortune must be in want of a DAC.

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...isn't it a reptile?

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First of all, I love your videos and reviews, they have been very helpful for me and others I've recommended you to. Keep up the fantastic work!

I've would love to win the DragonFly, I would use it everywhere I go, I'm still stuck with the built-in motherboard soundcard :(

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Sometimes I have more fun reading the comments than reading about the product!

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Count me in!

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I would love to have one of these!'s picture

Would be great as I travel often away from home and family in my work.

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Come to Daddy !!"

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fingers crossed ...

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Regardless of whether i would buy it, I at least have a chance of testing it out :D

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Hope I win this!

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Want one...

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Good luck to all.

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Yeah this is pretty much perfect for what I need

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Pick me

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Great portable setup!

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Oh will be mine.


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I would love to win

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Love the portability. Could use at at home and the office.

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Thanks for the opportunity.

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Dawson Crying - bought set of maggie 1.6s dac in sony amp not as good as nad's dac at audio systems

b0xii's picture

Great opportunity to own some excellent hardware.  My current DAC (MusicStreamer II) only does 96kHz...would love to finally hear 192kHz music.  The interconnects would definitely be an upgrade over my current set as well.

Thanks for the opportunity to win.

wawrik's picture

Pick me!

DavidD's picture

What a great opportunity to add something great to my music listening.

Jeffstudio's picture

I could really use these .... yeah!

MrDom1nation's picture

Chance to win? Awesome.

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It's true, I never win nuthin....  But thats because I never entered a contest for such a cool product! 

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Would love to win this one.  

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I promise!!! I will not be flipping my prize on Audiogon.

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This would be a great addition to my computer audio system!

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more please

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Would like it have it!

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My laptop's cryin' out for this kit!

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best thing since sex on the beach

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and would equally love a Dragonfly DAC

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I could really use this.

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would love a shot at the dragonfly

Nzheadcase's picture

Always wanted one of these. Just a little over my budget. Actually, waaay over. :(

Redbeemer's picture

All the reviews I have read of this DAC are very favorable.  I got an opportunity to actually see and handle it at RMAF recently and I must say it is very solid and nicely finished.  In photos it may look like plastic, but it actually is solid metal(the housing) and has a real heft to it giving it a quality feel.

Please send mine now!

blobos's picture

A free upgrade from a integrated sound card? Yes please. Just got me a pair of k701 recently too.

audioitis's picture

Would love to have ths...thanks

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Long live Tyll!

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For me

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It would be extremely nice to win!!

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it would be awesome to win

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This would be sick!

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get please!

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Plz pick me!

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I have some new headphones now just need an good amp/dac

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I am curios to see if the DragonFly can drive my HD 600



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smiley<3  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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But I'm posting this anyway :|

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Would be nice to have one...I wonder how it scales.  Looks really convenient for desk space too

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Would be an awesome start into the world of good sound

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I hope I can lay my hands on this phenomenal product.

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Long shot, but who can help themselves from asking "what if?"

Goodluck to us all.

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I would really want to catch this 

DragonFly :)

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This would be awesome with the K550's I'm saving for.

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US only. Boo :D

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Sign me up!heartThank you!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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Count me in.

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I am very interested in trying this DAC.

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hmmmm. dragonfly good.

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Would love to have this for my wife. Would be a all in one solution for her!

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I would LOVE one! As a person who makes a living off of making music on my computer, this would be perfect for my line of work!

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I would like get this small piece of music!

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I'd absolutely love to have a DragonFly to use with my Open Pandora handheld. My headphones are very DAC-dependant and the Sabre chip will definitely make them shine better than any other portable device ever could!

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Winning this product would the perfect Christmas gift!

paloczi's picture

cool thanks

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This isn't available for international viewers :(

daboneplayer's picture

I'm a jazz junkie having played trombone for 47 years. Just bought a pair of Noontec headphones (awesome), need a good DAC so I can play my high rez. JJ Johnson collection in the manner to which I would like to become accustomed. Whooo Hoooo!

Merry Christmas people!

ScuderiaHeadFi's picture

At a recent local meet, I got to try out the DragonFly with my Yamaha EPH-100's and was BLOWN AWAY. Easily best sound for the money at the meet, with the Yammy's rich and musical tone handled well by the DragonFly's clear and articulate presentation. It didn't work out as well with my full-size A-T W1000Xs, but that doesn't matter, because that's not what the DragonFly is for. I am going to take the DragonFly with me when I travel with my laptop, meaning when I take my Yammys, AND I AM GOING TO HAVE TRULY MAGNIFICENT SOUND!!!!

tonysims1323's picture

great giveaway...!!!

Epithet's picture

... is overwhelming. Grabbing a Dragonfly is like a pipedream that would send on me on the way to being a hopelessly broke man.

Not that I'd mind.

WD's picture

For the pice I paid for this Mac Book, you'd think it would have a decent DAC.

om05964's picture

I really need one of these, thank you.