RHA MA750 Headphone Sweepstakes

Register to win one of four RHA MA750 Headphones (MSRP $119.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Using RHA's aerophonic design, the MA750 is constructed from individually machined stainless steel components. The handmade drivers and over-ear fit ensure remarkable sound reproduction and a comfortable, noise isolating fit.

Built for the RHA 560 series of drivers, the MA750 has been designed to deliver and clear and natural sound. With high levels of spatial seperation and distance, they are capable of reproducing audio with exceptional power and precision.

Designed with contoured over-ear cable supports, the MA750 provides a secure and comfortable fit for active use. Including a selection of dual density, memory foam and double flange ear tips in RHA's patent-pending stainless steel ear tip holder, the MA750 is guaranteed by RHA's three year warranty.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

idchaw's picture

They look gorgeous! laugh

e_resolu's picture

I like to move it move it

lcriste's picture

I like the over ear wire for use when working out. 

haquocdung's picture

I am looking for an office IEM, and this look like a perfect one with style and comfort.

Thank you.

Candnut's picture

These look terrific

MassiveTurboLag's picture

I'll take this opportunity to lament the fact that Tyll still hasn't reviewed the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. On a different note, I hope I win these!

Gooberslot's picture

I'm not very lucky so I'll doubt I'll win but it costs nothing to try.

SF's picture

They are so shiny, me want. O.O

rofl.bond's picture

want one really

NyquistRate's picture

Is that strain relief on the plug end? 

doublea71's picture

These do look nice indeed. I hope I hope I hope...

IvanRod93's picture

I really want these! I hope I win.

dosharp's picture

I want 'em!

Argyris's picture

I've had some experience with the 350, and I've heard good things about the 750. I probably should post more on IF, since I read almost all the articles. Maybe I'll do that from now on.

JulienStas's picture

These. Simply. Look. Beautifulllllll !

Pix's picture

They look really good, and sound ought to be excellent ! Thanks for creating this "contest", you are awakening us, your blog community.

Keep up the good work :)

mcdontho's picture

To play Heavy Metal on!

daadaa's picture

for the win

RapidPulse's picture

These are really sharp looking!  Looks like a great selection of tips too.

Pheerix's picture

Would love a pair. They look great. 

TMRaven's picture

Absolutely fantastic!

TonyS's picture

Sweet - never had a good in-ear-headphone, would be great to try them.

Sopp's picture

Gotta to have them.

Guzzi's picture

It will be a gift for my girlfriend!

slash's picture

Thanks so much for this chance to win

matssee's picture

Mmmm, headphones.

Munken's picture

Looks like at very flat responce.

Me like :-)

-But why can´t we win i Europe? :-(

timjthomas's picture

these look great!

Defiant00's picture

Looks nice, might as well enter!

adhoc's picture

they look fantastic!

breadman's picture

looks great, hope to win!

jb265's picture

Great Headphones would make for a great Fall after summer!

svenska's picture

just what I need to balance my aural field.

evrythngheadphns's picture

Don't have any inears right now and in dire need of a pair .

ccnjtx's picture

this would be nice to give to my daughter

bricksie's picture

I've got hard to fit ears, but these look like they have a chance.

HideousPride's picture

Big fan of RHA's stuff! Would be thrilled to win one.

acawaigmail's picture

Another pair of IEMs is always welcome.

duskdrums's picture

Would love a pair.

markbrauer's picture

for my portable player.

eke2k6's picture

This is a comment

Stirrio's picture

sounds good to me.

planetpowers's picture

These are definitely for me!

Three Toes of Fury's picture

Fingers crossed that i win....not so much for the headphones, but for the 43,000 extra tips they include!   i'll be set with earbud tips forever!    he he he.

Thanks innerfidelity for the great site, reviews, and discussion.

Peace .n. Living in Stereo



paul's picture

Four Times the Fun!

Sim's picture

Great looking headphones, would love to hear how they sound. 

Bennyboy's picture

I never win these things, please let me win this thing.

ashlei310's picture

Would be my first pair of IEM's :)

Ashlei ~

Shike's picture

They look shiny.  I like shiny.

Paintitred22's picture

These things look killer. They would make a great addition to study sessions!

minhkaladze's picture

love the metallic design

egosumlux's picture

I´d love to have one of these, their former models seem to be brilliant unfortunately nobody sells them in my country and that's the reason I decided to enter the sweepstake. I am a head-fi member and write reviews in spanish for my most loved audiophile store in Chile, my home country.

I have been really curious about RHA, they are a relatively unknown audio company that stirred head-fi calmed-down waters when they launched the RA-MA350.  Their entry level in-ear that can easily compete ,according to head-fi reviews with our long-standing budget favourite, the SoundMagic E10.

I am actually thrilled to found out about this seemingly better IEM and definetely want to listen to it and write e review in head-fi laterwink

gandriollo's picture

They look so amazing!!

GearMe's picture

Hope so!

scardella's picture

Always can use a new pair!

noilly's picture

build quality looks solid. Thanks as always!

blueangel2323's picture

Hope I find out by winning a pair! smiley

Asr's picture

Please enter me, thanks!

e_resolu's picture

I like to move it move it

SVinTO's picture

Nice look for the price!  Would love to test how they sound...

martian's picture

These look amazing.  Hope they sound as good.

wcgryphon's picture

this would be sweet

Jnbwrs's picture

I want new head phones :)

nevnevv's picture

I would love to have these

Anakata's picture

I would love a pair!

MrOrtler's picture

Some of the best looking iems I've ever seen!

Would love to have a pair (hint hint) :)

egosumlux's picture


MrO's picture

Yes please! :D

GloryUprising's picture

Goodluck everyone!

irateapple's picture

There's really just something beautiful about it.

juanrmag's picture

I'm in! 

lookoutworld's picture

Thanks Tyll! These look awesome.

adasko73's picture


parkl's picture

I feel giddy just thinking of the chance of having these! smiley

icomrade's picture

These things look like they're made really well. Id' be interested on how these compare to my ATH CKS1000s. I've never heard of RHA until just now...

Twinster's picture

They look amazing. Nice selection of tips.

hatman's picture


They look great and they sound even better!

Rmhead's picture


john carlsson's picture

When I was out running. a dog came and jumped on me. he managed to rip me my headphones and chew the right earpiece.crying

reuvenim's picture

Would be nice to win these.

matula's picture


x838nwy's picture

About time i get my hand on these babies!!

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win

pjmoore's picture

Have been an RHA fan for a long time and would love to win these awesome headphones.

LH_Louis's picture

Looks great I'd love a pair 

er_rns's picture

Super clean!

Vusutu's picture

I love what the guys at RHA are doing. And I'd really love to win one of these headphones! :)

tara rose's picture

yesdouble like

morserotonin's picture

Have heard they sound good too!

senorx's picture

Yes please.

MarcoGV's picture

I wonder whether they are comfortable. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the sweepstakes.

tongwe3bw's picture

Seem like a cool earpiece. Believe to be a masterpiece by RHA.

John Hare's picture

Would love a pair of these RHAs. Superb headphones designed here in UK!

Gandasaputra's picture

Look gorgeous! definitely will get these for my collection

Jonathan Meyers's picture

RHA is simply the best- enter me and show me the phones...

ulogin's picture

looks great, hope to win!

pef1960's picture

Got and live some MA350's, would LOVE to win some of these!

iamleo's picture

Ran into RHA MA750 headphones on Amazon.com. Read about some very positive reviews there. Did some Google search and found this sweepstakes entry. I am looking for a pair of on-the-go IEM's and hope this would be the right one.

gsuen's picture


Narv1k's picture

Already tested them, rly good sound !

kv0sh3r's picture

These headphones looks extremely stylish. Would love to win a pair.

dysonapr's picture

They do look nice.

flipmodenesto's picture


b34tls4ever's picture

I would love them.

HomeMadeJazz's picture

Really nice-looking headphones. I would love to have them!

pmgroundhog's picture

Im really liking the brushed aluminum theme throughout. The jack reminds me of the ath - m50s

Ending27's picture

Just like everyone else!

Abhishek's picture

They looks so beautiful, hope they sound good as well.

tonemonkey's picture

I want some, so badly my beard has gone grey.

matthra's picture

Looking forward to hearing these ...

Stig-san's picture

hope they sound as good as they look!

bumpyjones's picture

One please

Not_A_Fool's picture

Well I could use a better pair of IEM's.

The metal design is beautiful.

It seems like most IEM's are made of cheap plastic.

tajski's picture

wow. look good! wonder how is the sound

ssoedi's picture

I like the finish. Seem comfortable. Anyone would be happy to win this pair.

thaddeus's picture

When are you going to do a review of these IEMs? I'd love to win them!

veggieboy2001's picture

I've heard good things about this company...I'd love to hear for myself!

mp3robbo's picture

They look fantastic

zyzyx's picture

Nice! But I never win anything unjinx unjinx unjinx.

Acoustic pop's picture

I'd love to own a pair!

gaguero201's picture

These look wonderful and would be great on a regular commute. Hope to win!

micah161's picture

they look nice!

Strappo's picture

Sign me up!

jakubg's picture

Please, I would like to win these :)

mikepbrowning's picture

Sign me up!

madzoo8's picture

this is just what I needed...

ericlaw02's picture

I'm in.

axejazz's picture

Need some isolation.

Marcello's picture

fingers crossed!

Cajunky's picture

I am very excited for an opportunity to win these headphones.


Skier99's picture

Pick me, Pickme!

Timoman's picture

Wow!  These dudes look well-built for the asking price.  I hope they sound as good too!

alex2122's picture

theese look beautiful, wonder how they sound

rdiakur's picture

The design of these IEMs looks great.  I can't wait to hear mine!


Heartstringsnote's picture

Thank you for hosting such a nice giveaway! :)

attilahun's picture

Man, I need these to replace my apple iems, impossible to get a good seal with them. 

HK_sends's picture

I've not had much experience with IEMs but these have a very classy, industrial look to them.  I'll bet they sound as good as they look.


-HK sends

jt9843's picture

If they sound as good as they look, I'm sold.

flatmap's picture

I'm in for these. 

MF_Vash's picture

Metal construction, no chintzy plastic, that's what I like!

imanpaul's picture

really pretty.

sjward's picture

Very nice. Please choose me. Thanks. 

killkli's picture

Hope I'm still on time for thissss~~~~~~

willdao's picture

I'll be pleased to audition these!

(Makin' it rhyme every time!)

Sat's picture


HuoYuanjia's picture

I have auditioned these before and I found them to be quite enjoyable. A little on the mellow and soft side with mediocre detail retrieval, but good as a headset for use with smartphones.

gunnerweb's picture

They sound great.

noirx7's picture

Look like nice headphones!

Old15cents's picture


blance44's picture

Wow, I've been looking at these for a long time and have been wanting a listen for a long time! Absolutely gorgeous IEM's