Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers (MSRP $499.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

The Vanatoo Transparent One powered speakers set a new price/performance benchmark in the audiophile world. They produce unexpectedly great sound quality (honest, tight bass down to 48Hz!) from small bookshelf speakers that give you a lot of flexibility in how you use them. They are equally at home as a desktop audio system, a music streaming solution for a room where you want music but not stacks of equipment, or as a compact system you take with you on your weekend getaways.

Just the Facts: 48-20,000Hz +/- 3dB response at 90dB+ over listening window; 5 ¼ inch aluminum cone XBL woofer; 1 inch silk dome tweeter; 5 ¼ inch long-throw passive radiator; 60 watt/channel D2Audio amplifier with integrated DSP; Built in DAC with USB, coax, and optical inputs; Analog input; Volume, bass, and treble controls; Subwoofer output with auto-sensing (removes bass from Transparent One); 3 year warranty; Supported by the people who designed it and know it best!

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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Awesome looking speakers!

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Great speakers. Let's try my luck

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Hope these sound as good as they look. They are powered by a Class D amplifier and the makers don't wish to reveal the THD numbers. Class D amps are the toughest to get a good THD out of but lately with the advent of cheap DSPs (used in the feedback loop) it is possible. So will have to try it out and see.

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Would love to win these!

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I just happen to be in need of some smaller speakers for a bedroom I am remodeling. These would be perfect!

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I thought they were pretty nice sounding and includes a very complete package.

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It's seems like the perfect choice for my first setup with high fidelity files...
Luck all I need.

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Please Pick Me!!

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Count me in!

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Sign me up

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My Ears are looking forward to meeting the Vanatoo Transparent One Speakers )

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Would love to hear them.

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looks like a great speaker to have

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I like that they have an AirPlay solution on their website. This is what I was thinking of doing if I won these speakers.

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Hope I win!

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Just to make it official...

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Would love to replace my monitor sound bar with these on my desktop! Thanks for the chance to win :)

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Thanks for the chance to win!

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About time I made an account anyway.

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This is the obligatory comment

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Yet again testing my theory that nobody wins

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would love to win

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These Vanatoo speakers look very awesome. I like the retro design!

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I would love to upgrade my A2's. These look awesome.

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Thank you :-)

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Any info on the DAC?

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It would be great if adding my comment(s) entered me in the draw. However, the fine print says that I must be a US resident.

So, I guess that disqualifies me and most of your readers. :(

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I'm eager to see how transparent these really are...

Good luck to all!

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My new computer needs new friends.

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...perfect for my soldering station in the garage.

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give me

rohroh's picture

give me

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Well done. This finally got me to create an account after months of visiting and reading. Hope I win :)

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Must be better than E-machoine speakers !

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And inexpensive, too.

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Yeah baby.

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to Papa

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The XBL^2 based driver in those is said to be a key to their quality bass extension (for their size)

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I NEVER win anything! Please let the contest gods smile on me now.

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Know just where I'm gonna put 'em.

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would really want to win these!

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Listening through the Vanatoo would be like visiting Xanadu. In fact, the first song I would listen to through the Vanatoos would be Xanadu by Rush.

To stand within The Pleasure Dome
Decreed by Kubla Khan
To taste anew the fruits of life
The last immortal man
To find the sacred river Alph
To walk the caves of ice
Oh, I will dine on honey dew
And drink the milk of Paradise

Yes, it would be Paradise to win and enjoy these.

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It looks good for those wanting decent sound with a small footprint.

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These look incredibly versatile, look forward to hearing them.

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pick me pick me

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I want it so bad, i just need to have luck !!!

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heard them. like them.

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These would really upgrade the sound of my 60" Plasma TV and I could get rid of the separate amp.

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sounds like a great product

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Love me a set of desktop speakers....

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The bass response (48hz at -3db) is pretty impressive for a small speaker. Most manufacturers quote the -10db figure.

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For my new desktop system...

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Here's my entry.

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Think these would be great for the bedroom and laptop.

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Count me in!

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I definitely need these speakers for my tiny room. All I have are these massive ones that I can't use and my collection of headphones.

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Pick ME!

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Ohhohoho interesting! Looks classy next to the wine glass. ;)

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But even better free!

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Need a good pair of desktop speakers :)

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My system needs a Christmas present and this would be perfect!

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These would go far in helping me achieve a downsizing of a big-sized stereo rig to a minimalist, small-scale standalone+computer audio system that works in my new, much smaller digs.

Thanks, Vanatoo and Inner Fidelity!

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Looks like a great small speaker.

Jaylweinman's picture

Looks like a great small speaker.

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Hmmmmm.....Looking forward to hearing more

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I love small, high quality speakers for my small spaces.

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Would make a perfect gift for my friend.

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Wow, I can use these babies in my living room

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yes granted it should have a universal input power supply however. Switching power supplies can be noisy in audio systems and since most companies today have the cheapest guys in a far off land design them you are going to get junk more often than not but it will be 85-265 volt input till it blows up. if you win it we can all take up a collection and buy you an isolation transformer as it would not be good if you win something for free then have to spend money to use it. Thats like winning a Ferrari then having to buy gas for it and insure it - thats just not right.

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These rule for the price!

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Could really go for these

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For the love of music at work at play, it makes our world a better place.

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Nice speakers.

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This look very nice.

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The look great! over my table I mean... :D

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Good luck everyone!

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Music really makes my day and I think these Vanatoo Transparent One speakers would make my work flow so much better! I would love to win a pair and show them off to all my students.'s picture

Looks cool!!!!!!

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bass from bookshelves!

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I want them!

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winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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Does it come with the glass of wine too? :-)

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These will look and sound great in my home office !

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Love them!

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I could use something like these.

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These look idea for home/office near field listening.

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Don't need, but what do I need?

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They really look nice!

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Always interested in improving my listening quality

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Wound look and sound great on my desk!

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would like to have some speakers for my setup.

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never heard of this company

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dank af i could def use these

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Count me in!

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yes, please. Creative just isn't doing it for me.

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Thanks so much for the contest.

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And this small package belongs on my desk!'s picture

I would love to own a pair of these.

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How better to exit the wife doghouse than with these babies perched upon the desk. BTW, I'm guessing Cabernet Franc based on the inky color of the red.

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I would love a set of bookshelf speakers for my setup!

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Man oh man do I want these, small and bass and reasonably priced too. Only better when you give them to me free!

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yes please

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I guess its pretty transparent that I would love to have a pair of these speakers sitting on my desk!

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I won't "wine" if I win these ;) Or maybe I will wine.