Linus Tech Tips Sennheiser Video Tour

Hey, that's cool!

The folks over at Linus Media Group sent a contingent to Sennheiser's headquarters in Hanover for a little tour. The video they brought back is pretty cool, offering us a look at Sennheiser's campus, some company history, and a peak at the HD 800 manufacturing process.

I've been there and have had a pretty in-depth tour myself. In my days as a scanning electron microscope service engineer I got to go into all manner of world class research and technical facilities. I'm very familiar with the look and feel of these places, and I can tell you without question, Sennheiser maintains a world class research, development, and manufacturing facility. I was expecting to see cool stuff like laser interferometers in the research department, but I was surprised to see a terrifically equipped materials and failure analysis lab as well. It gives me confidence every time someone makes a comment about a product being made of plastic to retort, "There's cheap plastic, and there's good plastic. And the people who really know what they're doing know the difference." Sennheiser is one of those companies that know the difference.

So without further ado, here's the video....

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Amazing company but their last great headphone was the HD 650.

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Thanks Tyll ,
I've been in hundreds of Companys , I've never seen one like this , Bright , Clean , Ergonomic , couldn't tell if it was quiet but the workers didn't seem to be wearing yellow ear plugs like they would be doing in most outfit's manufacturing departments , didn't see dirt either or crowding or headbangers tatted up and shaved heads , or posters hanging all over the place , orderly in extremes , kinda place a person would like to work ( if they had to work ) . Must be in das Vaderland , where else could something like this exist ?
I like supporting companies like this , thanks for sharing .

Tony in Michigan

ps. It's time for you to Buy that new Caddy , isn't it ? , go ahead , you deserve it !! Mention me and they'll throw in free Floormats

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Hi Tony,

Porsche factory in Germany:

Audi Factory (in India where they produce cars for the local market):



Some of the factories have their offices inside the factories, because it's that silent.

I don't think it's necessary the german way of doing things (though ergonomics are mandated by law and inspected regularly) but the "modern" way of doing things. :-)


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In comparison: current Corvette assembly line:

I am NOT saying one is better than the other (and please no Grado/Sennheiser flamewar or American/German car. All great cars. I was just pointing out the different philosophies.

BMW production in Spartanburg with a nice explanation of the differences and challenges:

And if you only watch one video - this one is the most interesting:
And the german style apprentice education program being launched in the US:

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I still have my pair of the HD414. They are white like the pair in the video, but I listened to this clip with my PX 100-II which are far better. I wonder if Sennheiser has taken notice of the mod being done on the HD 800? I'm pretty sure Tyll would have asked about that. Nice to see some of what they do there!

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Interesting tour but how annoying were those guys (especially the one on the left)?

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He's gay. Just showing his/its/whatever's pride.

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Thanks homophobic.

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Wow...thanks Tyll for posting this link. Im really surprised and impressed that Sennheiser allowed such mfct floor footage to be shot and shared. Of course it left me wanting for more...definitely wished they filmed and shared the white board presentation at the end (although the diagrams looked darn close to a recent innerfidelity educational post about how drivers work...{golf clap for innerfidelity}).

"Dear Santa...please enjoy these fresh baked cookies and glass of milk. I have been a very good boy this year. All i want for Christmas is peace for all. Also a pair of HD800s. Oh, and a pony."

Peace .n. "The Pursuit of Perfect Sound" (from Sennheiser momentum insert).


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You might want to take a peek at how "peak" was spelled in the paragraph before the break.

I thought the prototyped workstations for personalized worker efficiency were pretty neat. And by worker, I mean incredibly skilled and deft German florists, apparently.

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cranking out replicas of something. Possibly a knee prosthetic, some other medical helping device, or maybe a clean room for finishind Cd's. Maybe the workers are scrubbed from head to soul before entering the clean room. Those are some precision devices. Recall thoroughly enjoying a set of 650's a while back. They are extraordinary

thelostMIDrange's picture

grado style dyanmics. It would be an instant classic for those of use older, but still have some discretionary income, types who like the grado natural dynamics but with the midrange resolution of a good 650. Now that would be somethin' I'd plunck down hard earned $150 dollars for. Natural but just ever so small a touch of midrange like the good ol days of yore

Grave's picture

The HD 650's have excellent dynamics.

thelostMIDrange's picture

isn't it! let's be thankful of that,

thelostMIDrange's picture

for modern digital music yes i think it's perfect and can see it's genius. for old traditional instruments. no way. give any musician a grado or a senn and 9 out of ten will pick grado,

Rabbit's picture

Grados make you feel as though you're close to the musicians and Senns sound as though you're in an auditorium. Musicians recognise and identify more with the closeness of the sound perhaps rather than the more subtle things like soundstaging?

Jazz Casual's picture

The PS1000 and GS1000 are the exceptions to that Grado rule.

thelostMIDrange's picture

and not all grado's are dynamic in the same way, the GS for example. Dynamics in terms of the snap of a snare drum or attack of an acoustic guitar, both instruments i know in reality, are much more natural and real on an HF2 than a senn650. But some HF2's were the only grado I could live with as they had some resolution to the midrange and treble. It's the closest thing to a grado with some sennheiser 650 in it, to my ears. But the topic is about the laboratory..........

thelostMIDrange's picture

clean room to a grafitti tagged basement. I particularly like the fact he tests cartridges on the same technics sl 1200 I employ!

Grave's picture

Grados are junk.

Jazz Casual's picture

I dig Grados.

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I've owned many pairs of cans over the years, including Sennheiser. My Grados are the best sounding pair I've ever owned. No other brand even comes close.

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It is nice to see how my hd800 and hdvd800 are build.

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After WW11 :
General Motors led the Auto Industry into a 11 year Durable Good Cycle , the cars were designed to self-destruct leaving less that 1% roadworthy by the 12th year of life , these cars were made of mostly recyclable materials which would then provide the raw materials for the next decade's auto production .
Back then : General Motors convinced the National Government that "what was good for the car industry was good for the Country" . ( at that time Cadillac was considered the finest Car made , we used to say things like - "this toaster is the cadillac of toasters" if we were talking about toasters ).
Then ( about 1975ish ), along came Honda & Toyota ! , making cars designed & manufactured to16yr. durable good standards , at competitive "Prices" ! By the mid 1990s Toyota & Honda were delivering Mercedes Quality in their Accords & Camrys which amounted to a Tidal Wave with merciless shock & awe slamming our Domestics into a death spiral , we all saw it , we cried .
The Financial Crisis of the late 2000s wiped out any remaining hope for our Domestics ! Hemorrhaging , chocking , being mocked before Congress , desperate , dead but still breathing those last gasps , our savior arrived in the unlikely form of President Obama & Steve Ratner bringing Fiduciary Responsibilty
to our Automakers & OEMs , God Bless em .
Today , GM is "Earning" JDPower Quality Awards , GM-Ford-Chrysler are again Profitable , the transportation industry is a healthy 3 Trillion Dollar component of a Booming GDP Economy .
Seeing these videos of das Vaderland Industries reminds me that we here in the States still have a long road ahead of us . I would love my children to work in a Symphony of industrial prowess as we see in that Porsche plant or Sennheiser or Beyer for that matter . Germany has always inspired , in all the things they put their minds to !
Today's Quality Report comes from the numbers people at AutoNation : Honda & Toyota cars are delivering 300,000 miles for their owners , Domestics are up in the 200,000 range ( from about 110,000 a 100% improvement ) . Safety = 2 deaths per 100,000,000 miles .

Thank you Tyll & koolpep ,

Tony in Michigan , an Auto person that dates back to the 1940s

ps. Korea is the new Toyota & Honda , lookout everyone , here they come !! , brace yourself

ps2. those Porsche cars in the video make me want to pony up and have one in my Garage , my wife would INSIST on a drop top , my GM pals would tattoo traitor on my forehead , shall I risk it ?

tony's picture

A Bosch fellow called me to put a finer point on my reporting!
German outfits typically support their products for it's entire life ! , which I've always felt they did and continue to do , might be too expensive to maintain a 20 year old S Class Mercedes but it can be done with Factory Parts .
I personally own a 1990s Sennheiser HD580 that is properly supported as well as a number of power tools that their manufacturer ( Festool & Bosch ) continue to manufacture parts for , not that they ever seem to break .
I love that
I'm Swedish & Russian , admiring German stuff doesn't come naturally to me or my family ( 50% Jew ) , of course I'm reformed , perhaps you could tell ? Anyway , Israel has taken over the Genocide momentum by exterminating Palestine , I'll get in hot water over that last bit , 4 Sure ! ,
I'm not blaming this German Population !

Tony in Michigan

ps. Hey , if you don't like it : Call your Congressman !!! , !!!

koolpep's picture

Hi Tony,

thanks for the kind words. Not everything that shines is gold, but a few things Germany does right in regards to the manufacturing industries. We love to build things, engineer stuff, make it better. And yes, we believe you purchase the right to have your product serviced for its entire lifetime. A lot of producers honor way beyond what's necessary by law because they believe a satisfied customer is the biggest asset.

Now to WW2 - I am deeply ashamed of what my forefathers did and I know my own and many more future generations will have to carry that burden for their life. I know that no words can heal the damage to humanity that occurred during this time. The unthinkable was done and I hope this will be a memorial for all future generations to never again let anything like this happen - and fight united to prevent it.

I am also proud that germans now focus their attention to build products that people around the world love, cherish and are passionate about. There is a lot of genius in the US car industry too that you outlined. One is the amazing spirit to always get back on your feet, never give up and even if you sometimes have a technological disadvantage, still produce products with amazing performance.

I am sure the next Cadillac models will be on par with the german luxury cars for sure, seeing Cadillacs trajectory they are moving on.

Should you buy a Porsche? Yes. Do it. Now. I did and I couldn't be happier. You are not only buying a car, when you drive a Porsche, you are the car when you drive it and you become family. It communicates everything through balance and "feel", you always know what the car is up to. It's the most amazing experience. You also should join the Porsche Club of America. Such fine people, humble, generous, passionate about racing and cars, it's hard to describe but it's people living their dreams no matter their age and status.

To convince you even more:
and the family spirit:

But I also have to warn you: once you have driven a Porsche, you are addicted. Everything else feels numb and disconnected. You are not a traitor, don't worry. Let them drive your car, they will understand.


tony's picture

Many of my Peer Group own "Secret" Porsche & Audi S versions ( hidden at their Vacation Homes ) . We already understand , we have ALL your products at our Milford Proving Grounds where we we pretend to be on the "Ring" .
Please don't pass that around to our Loyal Customer Base ,
The Corvette Club for example , we always explain that it's only for comparison purposes , which they seem to allow as long as we wear the Corvette Jacket and give out Corvette Swag .
We have one Porsche completely disassembled , down to the smallest part , for engineering research purposes , these parts are beautiful , almost works of Art to be nicely mounted . Here we say , ah , look how he's making this ! , we call the German : "he" , like "he" is our counterpart in some Secret Manufacturing & Design Facility , "he" is actually teaching us , although he will never discover it from us .
Thank you for writing back ,

Tony in Michigan

ps. now I'm collecting Julia Fischer , if only we could make a car perform like her Violin in her hands , we would win every race .

Jazz Casual's picture

I have a Subaru Impreza. I call her Nursey.

cspirou's picture

I really hope this is a preview version or some extended trailer. They had all this access to the Sennheiser factory but most of the footage was those two guys talking about their experience in the factory. Somewhat annoying near the end when they said the guy that designed the HD 800 gave them a mini lesson, but instead of actually showing some parts of that they just talked about how cool the experience was.

I would have preferred a much shorter video with a lot more Sennheiser footage. I don't even mind if they were talking the whole time as long as it is as a narrative describing footage instead of showing them sitting on couches talking about it. The mini documentary on Grados by Ars Technica is a much better produced video.

Jim Tavegia's picture

Less talking would have been good and more of the actual step by step process, but still a fund ride for people like me how love to watch how things are made. A great company.

Willyman's picture

Don't be fooled by these videos. Yes, some of the highest end models are still made in Germany, but the vast majority of headphones are made in China. AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, all of them.

Not quite the same work conditions, I can assure you.