Hello Chicagoland! AXPONA this Weekend and I'm Going!

Big shout out to Chicagoland, I'll be at the Westin O'Hare for AXPONA this weekend. It seems they're trying to attract the headphone faithful and are hosting an "EGX - Ear Gear Expo", which I assume is a special area for headphone geeks like us. Looks like there are about 42 headphone related companies.

They've also asked me to participate in a few of the seminars:

  • Friday 3:30-4:30PM - Future Directions for Headphones - I'll be moderating this panel discussion on what types of things we might see in the future. Joining me will be Dan Clark of Mr. Speakers; Dave Friesema of Etymotic; Scott Houston of Sennheiser; and Sankar Thiagasamudram of Audeze. I've done panels with this title before, it's always a dandy tap-dance around what can and can't be said (these guys don't want to give anything away), but once it gets rolling there are usually some really interesting ideas brought to light.
  • Saturday 4:45-5:45 - Finding Flat: How to Interpret Headphone Measurements - This is your chance to watch me get all confused as I present a seminar on interpreting headphone measurements—this will be the first time I give this talk, but it won't be the last. Fortunately, as my confusion rises, yours will diminish as you begin to get a better grip on what all those squiggly lines mean on the headphone measurement sheets. Actually, I'm really excited about doing this for the first time, I'd love for you to join me.
  • Sunday 2:30-3:30 - Meet the Editors - First time for me on one of these panels...been wondering when I'd get asked. I'm honored, and I take it as an indicator the audiophile world is slowly but surely embracing their personal audio brethren. David Robinson of Positive Feedback will be moderating, and I'll be joined on the panel with Steven Rochlin of Enjoy the Music, Jason Serinus of Stereophile, and Greg Weaver of Absolute Sound, Enjoy the Music, and Positive Feedback.

So mark your calendars, this weekend, April 24-26 at the Westin O'Hare. Open 10AM-6PM Friday and Saturday, 10AM-4PM Sunday.

You know the deal, see the guy in the Hawaiian shirt, come tap me on the shoulder and say howdy!

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Will the seminars be recorded?

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They usually are. Last year's are here.
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Future Directions being discussed by:

Mr.Speakers, Etymotic, Sennheiser and Audeze may or may not offer a suggestion that future transducers will have "improved" Musical reproduction capabilities. ( I suspect they've already hit the 99.9% possibility levels ).

Their future will be wrapped-up making products that can access the evolving technologies as in iPhone6/iTunes based music systems that the entire world is adopting, rather than the high-horsepower electronics that people like me { Schiit } use in our music playback systems.
The concept of someone on a Commuter Train being able to reproduce "Studio" quality performances is starting to smell a bit ><(((((o> y , at least to me. I hear the grand promise from Pono and Meridian and I feel like I'm watching a Boardwalk Shell game being played.

Apple have been refining iTunes's low resolution system thereby leading the entire world ( people like my next door neighbor ) to have accessible music of a quality nature.

Outfits will grow and prosper based on their ability to tap Apple's huge global market.

We hobbyists will continue to finesse our stuff but will remain off-stream by comparison.

Quality Music reproduction is going main-stream, the user interface will be the owner's limitation and the focus of the Application Developers.

If Dave Friesema is able to talk ( not everyone was born with the gift of gab ) and if you can interview him for an hour, about all things IEM, you will have something great. Even better if you could do this at his Lab.

Same holds true for the Sennheiser guy!, provided you could think up the questions.

I'd like to see and experience your Measurements hour. I'm now taking my own ear's response curves combined with your headphone measurements to Equalize my headphone transducers. I feel I'm achieving a good bit of success. I'd like to learn and use more accurate information and data, betcha everyone would like to understand these mysteries ( by "everyone" I'm suggesting the "everyone" thats finessing their personal systems ) . I've accepted the "Room Feel" curve being discussed now-a-days.

Once again you are asked to "present" and once-again you are recognized as Headphones "Greater of Equals".

You earned it.

Tony in Michigan

ps. Pope Francis announced: "there is no HELL"! , I'll suggest that those already there are "Grand-Fathered In" and needn't worry about being "re-settled" to some other questionable locale.
Betcha St.Peter would quit before he lets Hitler in!
-- Just a thought --

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Hi Tyll,
I'd love to hear you interview Mr Dave of Etymotic about their target response, their future plans for new IEMs, perhaps with multiple armatures to compensate for their bass and high frequency roll-offs.


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Try not to get wasted at this show. Show restraint.

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some restraint with respect to being a complete dbag.

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hopefully you will be reviewing the oppo pm 3 soon

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Hi Tyll!

I'm super excited for you to be at AXPONA. I've gotta shake hands with the guy who saw me get my start in headphone audio!