CanJam at RMAF 2015: Axios Headphone Cables by Kimber

I think the first cables I ever sold were Kimber PBJ 25 years ago. Now, under the brand name Axios, Kimber is braiding up some sexy headphone cables. Nate Allen gave me the run-down on how these new cables harken back to Kimber Kable's roots with their first really successful products: the 8PR and 4PR models—which have 16 and 8 conductors respectively. The new Axios brand headphone cables from Kimber start out with an 8PR braid at the amplifier plug end, then transition beautifully to two 4PR strands at the hand-braided Y-junction.

Axios was showing numerous termination options, both in connector type and housing shape and materials. A variety of hardwoods were shown as connector housings that were tastefully matched with the look of the headphones with which they paired. Very, very, nice.

I'm sure these will be pricy when they become available next January, but I've no doubt quite a few weighty-walleted headphone enthusiasts will be tickled-pink with their spectacularly good looks and quality hardware.

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Hi Tyll Hertsens,

I need your advice, please.
I was intended to buy Audeze LCD3, but reading the article "Big Sound 2015 Finale: The Headphones" impressed me the Sennheiser HD800 modded.
What do you think it's the best: Audeze LCD3 or Sennheiser HD800 modded?

Thank you for help

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After reading comment from Mr AC consider headphones with the sound signature somewhere between LCD3/LCDX and HD800. Beyerdynamic T1 [the latest model with a removable cable] trumps HD800 in versatility and musicality. T1 plays more types of music competently than HD800 and T1's sound is less clinical or "dry". The drawback of LCD3 is really its weight and limited 3D sound projection., and not fully extended treble. T1 is also semi open and so has a bit better sound isolation than LCD3 and HD800.

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Caveat that this is all based on my opinion and my system.

I had the LCD-Xs and the HD800. The Audezes are heavy! So no matter how they sound, you need to be OK with how they feel. If they crush your head after 30 minutes, it doesn't matter how they sound. After a lot of playing around I got them to fit my head well and they sound fantastic - particularly with rock music. They want to party! Very fast and dynamic.

The HD800 are totally different. Comfort is top notch, so no problem there. I thought they were great with classical or jazz. Detail and soundstage is top notch. But a little bit boring with rock and pop music. If you have the money, get both! Or buy both from a place that gives you a 30-day return policy - and keep the one you love.

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With regard to cables in general and high end audio in particular. More often than not once I pass a price level (dependent upon the genre of equipment, mind you), I cannot perceive a difference in what I hear but I can detect differences in both build quality and style.

The former being the more objective and the latter the more subjective. If within my budgetary means, I will spend money to get what I find desirable based upon both objective and subjective criteria. I have yet to buy any (what I term) specialty cabling but that may change soon.

And hopefully for the better.

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"Everybody wants to get into the act!"—Jimmy Durante


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