2017 Los Angeles Audio Show Report

While officially on assignment for Stereophile to help cover the 2017 Los Angeles Audio Show, Jana Dagdagan captured a few exhibitors she thought that might interest InnerFidelity readers. Here's her look at personal audio of interest at the inaugural Los Angeles Audio Show that took place last month.


Astell&Kern showed their latest hi-res players: the Kann ($999) and the A&ultima SP1000 ($3499). The Kann, marketed as a feature-packed, budget-friendly player, is A&K's first sub-$1000 DAP to support native playback of 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256. The Kann is available in Astro Silver and Eos Blue. The new flagship A&ultima SP1000—the first of A&K's new "A&ultima" line—features the latest Asahi Kasei chipset, the AK4497EQ and a faster octa-core CPU. The A&ultima SP1000 is currently available in stainless steel, and will be available in copper later this month.


Cayin showed:

  • A prototype iDAP-6 network player (to be released in 2-3 months).
  • The N3 ($149), their latest entry-level DAP with Bluetooth capability.
  • The i5 DAP ($499), their existing best seller.

Note: In this video, when Andy Kong says "Tinder" he actually means to say "Tidal."

Campfire Audio

Campfire had their full lineup on display, including their most recent models:

  • Dorado ($999): hybrid dynamic 8.5mm beryllium PVD driver/dual BA drivers in liquid metal alloy housing.
  • Lyra II ($699): single 8.5mm beryllium PVD dynamic driver in liquid metal alloy housing.
  • Vega ($1299): single 8.5mm non-crystalline Diamond dynamic driver in liquid metal alloy housing.


Chord showed:

  • The newly released Hugo 2 ($2100). Michael explains what's new, but here's a compact list: improved sonic performance, new FPGA, slightly altered form factor, USB charging, flush mount USB and optical inputs, fewer headphone inputs, improved volume control, more Bluetooth range, automatic shutdown, four filters, and remote control.
  • Poly ($600), which was first shown at CES 2017 this past January and is slated to release in the US in late July. Poly is a wireless streaming module that allows the Mojo to act as a hi-res wireless network music player/streamer/SD card playback device, which can be controlled with a DNLA app off of a user's smartphone.

Cozoy and Shozy

Bruce Ball recently launched the distribution company HeadSonix, and just started bringing in Hong Kong based brands Cozoy and Shozy—both previously unavailable in the US.

They had the following on display:

  • The Shozy Hibiki IEM ($60) is a collaboration between AAW and Shozy that premiered at the LAAS—with no relation whatsoever to Hibiki the whisky. It features a single dynamic driver and quad braid 36 cores-per-channel OFC cable with real carbon faceplates.
  • A rosewood, custom nozzle IEM prototype ($299 targeted MSRP), to be released in the third quarter.
  • The Cozoy Hera ($169 for 3.5mm, $185 for iOS lightning) single dynamic driver IEM, which does, indeed, come with that attractive looking carry pouch.
  • The Cozoy TAKT lightning DAC/amp ($160), to be used exclusively with Apple devices.
  • The upcoming Cozoy TAKT Pro DAC/amp ($299), with more versatile connection options, to be released in a few months.
  • Cozoy's top of the line REI ($550) DAC/amp.
  • The recently released Shozy Alien Pro DAP ($435)


Questyle showed:

  • The new flagship QP2R DAP ($1299). Compared to the QP1R, the QP2R has tactile side buttons, an upgraded OS, album cover scrolling, a more powerful Class A amplifier, and a balanced output.
  • Charge/sync docks available in silver and gold.
  • An advanced upgrade dock that can be hooked up directly with speakers, or paired to Questyle's T2 wireless audio transmitter to stream double DSD.
  • A production version of the CMA400i DAC/headphone amp ($799) with only minor changes since its initial showing at CES 2017.


Ultrasone premiered their new Signature Studio headphones ($599) A.K.A the little, more affordable brother to their Signature Pro headphones. The Signature Studio is dynamic, closed headphone with the same spl, impedance, and similar frequency response as the Signature Pros. They also utilize Ultrasone's patented S-LOGIC Plus technology.

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great to see more reports from Jana. Outstanding updates and interviews from the shows. Keep em coming.

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