CanJam at RMAF2017: MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

Couldn't snag a pair before the show, but Dan promises they're coming...and I can't wait. I thought he out did himself with the Aeon Flow closed, besting, in my opinion, his more expensive Ether Flow Closed. Given my first impressions at RMAF he may have done it again with the new Aeon. Well, if someone is going to out do you, it might as well be yourself.

The Aeon Flow Open sports the now familiar MrSpeakers V-Planar pleated diaphragm intended to provide more pistonic motion of the surface, and, of course, their TrueFlow waveguide claimed to reduce turbulence as air moves through the magnet assembly. Like the T50RP driver he's use in the past, Dan's been using variants of this driver for a while now and seems to be wringing ever more out of it with every iteration.

Both Aeons come with a hard sided, clam-shell case, and DUMMER (Distinctly Un-Magical) cable terminated in either a 3.5mm TRS plug with integrated 1/4" adapter or in a balanced configuration with 4-pin XLR. Both are refreshingly priced at $799 and are currently in stock. Check 'em out here.

I currently have the Aeon Flow Closed permanently parked on my desktop as my go-to quick reference for neutral sound. I wonder if the open version will change that. Can't wait to find out.

Dan Clark reveals his new baby in the video.

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IMO, listening levels are left out of the conversation because almost nobody knows how to properly check how loud they're using gears.
but indeed it's a good point and it would probably become a relevant topic, should people know their own listening habits. personally I dislike loud sounds in general(always have), and 85dB spl would be in the upper range of my at home headphone uses(on the go I get there and even above just to cover various noises). but at my desk at night when everything is quiet, I'm closer to 60dB. which obviously does have predictable consequences on my preferred EQ at home.

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Howdy Tyll, I know you are constantly hit with comparison requests,
but seeing as you state that Aeon Flow Closed is your go to for neutral, i thought i'd ask...

Have you, even informally, compared the sound profile between Aeon Flow Closed and the Oppo PM3? Any general thoughts, findings, feelings?

As for MrSpeakers..i havent played in their playground yet...but i really think i must. Dans products are well received, reviewed, and regarded all over the web. Seems like a great player in the headphone field.

Peace .n. Living in Stereo


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This is literally my dream to buy this headphones for all the employees at Essays-vikings! To use for music, skyping or whatever.