2013 T.H.E. Show Newport: I'm going, how about you?

THE Show Newport, May 31-June 2 2013
I went to this show in 2011 (report here) and enjoyed it very much. But in the two years since, it's begun to gather one heck of a head of steam and it's now poised to become one of the premier audio events in the country. No, it's not that it will have more exhibitors or attendees than other shows—though there will be a lot. And it's not going to get press coverage like CES—though it seemed like the last question in every conversation I had with other writers in Munich was, "Are you going to THE Show Newport?" So no, the thing about this show is that it's much more like going to a party for audiophiles than it is like going to a consumer show. Prepare to have fun!

THE Show Newport Website, and Directions.

The Headphonium

Of greatest interest to InnerFidelity readers, is the area at the show dedicated to headphones called "THE Headphonium." This will be held in the Atrium Hotel's main ballroom and promises to be quite the smorgasbord of headphone delights.

Exhibitors will include: ALO Audio; Audeze; iriver-Astell & Kern; Audio Note Kits; AIX Records; CEntrance; Elete AV; HiFiMAN; Mozaex; Perfect Sound; Schiit; Sonic Studio (Amarra).

Over 200 Audio Exhibitors

It's not just about headphones though, you'll find over 200 high-end audio exhibitors at the show. So. Cal. is a huge market, and THE Show Newport has begun to attract a whole bunch of the premier audio companies to show off their cool gear.

I found the best way to see who's going to be at the show and plan your visit is by looking at the floor maps for both hotels, which you'll find here.

Panel Discussions
2013THEShowNewport_Promo_Photo_Panel I've been tapped on the shoulder to moderate two headphone panel discussions this year. Mine will be called "Headphones: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." It will mostly be about where the headphone industry is today, and how far we can and should go.

Lots of other good panel discussions, too. I know JA will there for a few. These dialogs are a great way to learn about the forces at play in our hobby. The panel schedule isn't up yet, you'll find it on the News and Events page when it is..

Lunch Trucks

Here's a cure for the average rubber chicken buffet, THE Show organizers have wrangled up a bunch of premium LA lunch trucks for the event. Last year the trucks were such a hit that many ran out of food by the last day. So eat early, eat often.

Rolling eateries will include: The Lobsta Truck, The Flip Truck, Tamarindo Truck, Chomp Chomp Nation, Rolling Sushi Van, California Grill Truck, Bacon Mania Truck, Mangia Italian Ristorante on Wheels, and Dogzilla - "Not Your Typical Wiener". My mouth is watering already.

Car Show

In 2011 it was a classic car show when I snapped the pic above. This year event coordinators are bringing in a bunch of exotic cars for your oggling pleasure. They will include: GTM, one of the fastest cars on earth; Tesla, new S electric sedan; Saleen S7; Mercedes SLS; Audi R8; Porsche Carrera GT; Mercedes SL; Ferrari 599; Ferrari 458 ;Ferrari 430; Bentley Mulsanne; Lamborghini Aventador; Bentley GT; Mercedes S 63; Callaway Corvette; BAC Mono; and a Smart Gullwing. My Yamaha FJR 1300 is likely faster than any of them, but I have to admit it's no where near as sexy. Wonder if they'd trade me one of the Ferraris for it. :(

Live Music!!!

I hope I'll be as lucky as I was in 2011 and get a room that overlooks the pool area. It was fun hanging out on the balcony with old friends listening to the live music on the patio. Live music will be happening at both the Atrium and Hilton on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Cigars and Wine

So, your sitting next to the pool listening to music. What would go well with that? (Why do I hear "a pretty girl in a bathing suit" in my head?) A cigar, of course! Or a glass of good wine. Or both, why not, you've got an evening hanging around with interesting people ahead. Sounds good to me.

Wines featured from these California vintners include: Calina Chardonnay; La Crema Pinot Gris; Carmel Road; Pinot Noir; Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon; Regal Wine Company; Jackson Family Wines; and more! The Havana Cigar Company of Orange County will present the imported cigars at the show this year.

Get in Free!!!

If you live in the LA/OC area you should know about the LA-OC Audio Society. Without question the largest and most active audiophile society in America, Bob Levi has lead the organization to great success through a clear vision on having fun with audio. Not only do they have great monthly meetings with interesting speakers and very cool door prizes, he's also been instrumental in working with Richard Beers in making T.H.E. Show Newport the superb event it is.

Joining the LA-OC Audio Society costs the same $40 as the three day entry fee at the show, and with your new membership, you'll get in free for all three days!!! Go to this page to sign up.

An Audiophile Party!

I missed this show last year, and I bet that's the last year I'll miss it. THE Show Newport is an audiophile party, and I'm stoked to be going. I hope you can make it as well. And if you see a chubby old guy wearing an Hawaiian shirt, please come up and tap me on the shoulder to say, "Hi!" I'd love to meet you. See you there!

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And doesn't that PS1000 sans chrome look fetching?

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the thing about this show is that it's much more like going to a party for audiophiles than it is like going to a consumer show.

Exactly what a hi-fi show needs to be, in my opinion, if it wants to succeed. The ingredients for a successful party and those of a successful show are the same: good venue, good music, good people, good food.  : )

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Hopefully I'll see you there Tyll!

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I'll be there for Friday at least.

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SO psyched you'll be coming! I never attempted any event planning before (just a fellow writer and audio evangelist) so when Richard and Bob approached me to help put together The Headphonium event I was very excited, and to be honest, intimidated!  But they believed in me, and we got it going.  I'm really proud of the work everybody's done, and I'm honored to be on THE Shows team as well as the LAOCAS (Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society)!  

Will also be GREAT to be on the headphone panels with you sir!

After all, it was you that got me listening to my headphones for more

than just DJing!!  I'm psyched for this party.

I'm DJing at the Atrium at Tweak Studio's Where Else party Fri and Sat. nights: 8-11pm.  ALL vinyl!

See ya there

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 This will be my first visit to this show. See you there!