The AKG K267 Tiesto Headphone with Bass Adjustment Control

AKG K267 Tiesto ($349)
Sometimes I feel like an old geezer. Who the heck is Tiesto?

I read a bit of his Wiki page, and, as many of you undoubtedly know, he's a hugely popular European DJ. The first of his kind ever to spin discs live at the Olympics (2004 Athens). As I write this I'm listening to his radio channel on the K267 and, well, yeah, not really for me. No surprise there. But if you're a fan you should read on, because in the final analysis these headphones are pretty good.

The AKG K267 Tiesto is a full-size, around-the-ear, sealed headphone. Construction is metal plastic and leather in roughly equal measure. The ear-cup surround and most of the "3D-axis folding mechanism" is aluminum. Ear pads are a nice, pliant grade of artificial leather. Major parts of the headband and extending arms are plastic with some metal components. The headband pad is a fabric covered foam, but the top of the headband is a chunky piece of black leather embossed with "AKG".

Two male Mini-XLR connectors are available at the bottom of each ear-piece allowing the user to plug the headphone cable into either side. The headphones come with two cables: a 10 foot straight cable, and a 15 foot coiled cable. Both cables have 3-pin female mini-XLR connectors on one end, and 1/8" mini-plugs on the other. A screw-on 1/8" to 1/4" adapter is provided for plugging into full-size headphone jacks. I'd love to see AKG make a smartphone compatible cable with mic/remote for this and other headphones they have using the mini-XLR on the headphone end. (If you'd like a 6 meter cable so that you can walk around your office or kitchen while listening, the long Q701 cable, though bright green, is compatible. AKG part number 0110E03470.) A plush, but simple, draw-string bag is also included.

Stylistically, I think the K267 falls a little flat. The overall color scheme is matte silver and black. I like the look (and function) of the 3D-axis hinge assembly, and the outside of the earpiece with rotating bass control switch (a cool feature I'll talk about on the next page) and Tiesto logo. But the logo button finish is a bit plain, and the silver dots on the headband just look oddly out of place. The headband pad seems a bit too large and clunky as well. Given the competitors in this price range with really terrific looks (Sony MDR-1R, V-Moda M-100, Yamaha Pro500, Sennheiser Momentum, and, of course, Beats Studios) I think AKG fell a bit short in the looks department.

The ergonomics of these headphones are fairly good. The folding mechanism works well to make the K267 more compact for storage and transport, and does a good job of providing the degrees of freedom needed for a good fit on the head. The earpads are soft and pliant, though a bit cozy. My ears do significantly touch the inside liner over the baffle plate, but the covering is a somewhat spongy material, so they seem fairly comfortable for me. The headband pad is ample but a bit stiff; it does contact a good portion of the top of my head to distribute the weight widely, but I didn't find it quite plush enough for listening sessions longer than about two hours or so.

To me it seems the oddest part of the ergonomics for a DJ headphone is the lack of ability to rotate one earpiece out of the way for DJ use. I could easily just slide one earpiece behind an ear though, and they seemed fairly stable on my head in that configuration.

Lastly, there have been a few reports of the K267 breaking at the hinge at the end of the headband. I had no problems with mine, but a single assembly that provides the 3D-axis movement is, of necessity, quite complex.

So...a bit of a mixed bag on the physical headphone itself. On to the sound quality, and that dandy bass switch...

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Hey Tyll, the mainwrapper div has a margin-top property of -1600px and this makes the site unreadable.

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I encountered the same problem, but you can fix it by turning your advert blocker off.

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Which one of those do you think is better? Can you please post a slightly more detailed description in terms of bass, mids, treble, details and soundstage?

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I found the bass tighter and the treble less tizzy and fatiguing on the K267. Otherwise they're both a little too unrefined (like most sealed cans) for good imaging, and both are fairly neutral through the mids.

The bass switch seals the deal for me. I like the K267.

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Are the details and soundstage/openness on par with K550?

If the bass is tighter isn't it too thin?

Would you consider them darker headphones?

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Not that great Tiesto fan and think there's trance(and house) producers producing better stuff for my liking but being an european I quite laugh at that line, it's like saying who is Skrillex or who is Rihanna. :P

But yea U.S. has always been old fashioned about music, I grew up in a totally different environment here in northern europe where "Techno" / electronic music was "in" in the 90's especially so started appriciating electronic music back then. These days I listen to a lot of hardstyle music (something that comes from the Netherlands), not so much Trance anymore which I used to listen a lot to in say 2001 - 2004 (the best years of trance).

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...who is Skrillex and Rihanna?

Just kidding. But I just bairly know them. I'm more into Jazz and really don't keep up with what the young folks are listening to these days. 

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Maybe if you don't own a TV then you might have missed Rihanna, she's freaking everywhere! xD Just joking. :)

A headphone I know you'd be positively suprised about tonally which you seemed to focus on quite a lot in this review as a closed bass emphasized headphone would be M-Audio Q40, both goldenears site and ljokerl enjoyed these a great deal and they actually measure quite well too. They have in fact unusually well balanced mids vs high presence (ofc amps/sources will play a big role as usual) for a bassy headphone I'd say peaking around 8dB or so boost so just a hair more than K267 at stage setting).

Its key strengths are bass texture/quality for the amount bass it packs and the balanced mids and highs presence and no resonance issues throughout the whole mids and highs range which my ears usually picks up easily. I even enjoy them highly for acoustic and female vocal tracks especially. It also responds extremely well to amping and scales well from my experiences. In fact it's my choice of headphone when it comes to electronic music below $300 and it only goes for 100-$120. I probably would pick these slightly over M100 even as the mids are a bit more forward and I personally dislike recessed mids.

It's weaknesses are probably lack of airiness (rolls off quite steadily past 14kHz) and the soundstage isn't overly large but instead it provides a very engaging up-front presentation with still decent depth (just not so much width) providing a reasonably in-your-face mid & vocal performance despite it's very noticeably boosted bass.

This is is a headphone I had loved seeing measured on innerfidelity sometimes. You probably have way too many headphones to measure so no prob, another one I'm still very interested in personally is ATH-WS99 based on it's overhelmingly positive feedback and not even one negative experience yet that I've found. :) Or maybe a WS99 vs M100 vs K267 vs UE6000 vs Q40 shootout. :P Anyway keep up the great job you're doing, it's always nice to read reviews from people who actually know how to interpret what they measure versus what they are hearing.

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dont feel bad I'm 23 and had no idea who Teisto was before these headphones *shrugs* So you really think these are better than the 550's?

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Thanks for the review Tyll. I finally have an idea of what is up sonically with these. Up to now all I kept hearing about were quality control issues.

I was using the K550 last night. It is one of those headphones that sounds great for about 15-20 minutes, then the treble begins to become unsettling and I have to stop. 

Funny, some treble "spikes" you are gradually able to adjust to, others just seem to get worse the longer you listen..

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So, what about the Momentum made you dislike them upon first listen?...

Seems like all I've heard about them are positive things, aside from a mildly "thick" bass and that notch at 4.5KHz in the frequency response. I was thinking about getting some since I need a good set of closed headphones for practical reasons, but I'd like to know more about their sonic shortcomings. 

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It was a trade shows, maybe I didn't get the fit right, maybe I just wasn't in the mood. They just seemed colored. But when I got them at home, they seemed great. Dunno. Weird.

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I've been using the Momentum for some months, and I noticed that sometimes I just don't get the fit right. When this happens, they sound VERY bad to my ears.

The 4.5khz thing always puzzled me. I don't know why Sennheiser did it, but I love the Momentum sound nevertheless.

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...for eschewing the mid-bass hump so typical of closed headphones. Looking at the FR graph, the bass extension is great - down to 10 Hz!!! I wonder if these drop into the single digits like LCD-2/3's...

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Is the bass control a vent slider like the Beyer COP, or is there a small circuit in there?

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I believe it's a vent.

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Interesting. I seem to have made it a habit of transplanting T50rp drivers into different headphones, and I've done it with the Beyer COP (link) so I could play around with the venting. I was considering picking up a used K267 and doing similar. Hmm, assuming the drivers will even fit... 

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The K712 PROs are yet another version of the K701/2s, but with an - according to AKG - "Improved low-end performance by 3dB". This - if effective -, could put the generally perceived as bass shy K701/2s in a different light, and perhaps make them more popular with those who like a bassier presentation and also dig the open soundstage and detail of these cans.

There's of course the question about how AKG acheived this change, and some at HF are suggesting it has to do with a different driver, and that the new memory foam pads play a role as well. This could perhaps also give some clues on how to modify these cans further.

Would also be interesting to see some measurements that account for the claimed 3db boost.


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Im looking to buy a pair,but im kinda stuck between the K267's and the M-100.

Please advise which one on overall is the better can?

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The akg k267's are on massdrop for $130 right now. How do these compare to the ue 6000s or other headphones in this price-range?