For All the Sad Owners of Archaic iPhones



I just can't resist.

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You gotta love creative, intelligent, sarcasm! (Its one of the reasons that The Onion has always rocked the comedy world) Thanks for posting it...absolutely made me cackle out loud.

Living in Stereo


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"Uh, no time for the ol' in-out, love. I've just come to read the meter!" A Clockwork Orange.

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Was reading my news readers this morning during breakfast, ran across this, and got to test the orange juice resistance of a MacBook screen. Wipes clean, and the OJ removes finger prints!

They're either reinforcing their love affair with compressed and OK sounding music files, or just don't care. The two Bluetooth headphones I have are OK (both are on your recommendations list), but the lower quality sound makes me only use them for short periods. They're fun, they're easy, but they don't give me the full-on music-is-my-drug-of-choice high.

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is listening to pop music that's heavily produced using electronic based instruments or sounds that are highly processed using God knows what kind of signal processing to create the finished product. In those cases there isn't any need for Lossless or anything of high quality. THAT'S the masses.

For those that listen to acoustic based recordings that are high quality with lots of dynamic range free from signal processing, listening in a quiet environment with high quality equipment playing either vinyl or uncompressed/Lossless is preferable. But the problem is Lossless is too expensive for the average person and they simply don't hear any difference with the music they play on the equipment they use in the environments they are in.

People are getting sick and tired of constantly buying new earbuds/headpones because the non-replaceable thin cable broke, so wireless is the answer to that problem.

If you want high quality headphones with the iPhones, then get a pair of the Audeze EL8 Titaniums or other headphones that use the lightning connector that have built in DAC/amp so you get really good sound quality, and you can play or stream Lossless.

There are many ways to look and deal with the issue.

And for those that don't pay attention, Apple's not the only smartphone mfg doing this. Moto has also done this and there are others because they are trying to make thin smartphones where the connector simply takes up too much room.

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Wireless headphones will be the defacto standard. And then Apple will be laughing at those that laughed at them. Same thing happened when Apple came out with a GUI computer, ditched 3.5inch floppies, ditched internal optical drives.

Some people adapt to change and some still want to be stuck in ancient society.

Let's all give those that complain a freaking abacus a piece of paper and a pencil, maybe they don't deserve to use technology because it's too above their heads.

It's a pain in the rear carrying around earbuds/headphones with cables. Welcome to the 21st century.

They still give you a method to use wired earbuds/headphones if you REALLY REALLY want to use them. I think it's just typical knee jerk reactions to when there is a disruption in the market.

And while you're at it. other Android phones have ditched the 3.5mm jack. Moto did that on some of their new phones.

And while your laughing, go look at the market statistics. wireless headphone sales have eclipsed wired.

If you don't like lossy files, then you have to either pay more for Tidal Lossless or buy a device with a huge amount of storage to store Lossless files and use a pair of headphones like the Audeze EL8 Titaniums at $800 a pop. The average consumer doesn't care about sound quality, they care about price and convenience.

Mobile devices are used in noisy ambient environments where it renders Lossless kind of useless.

I personally don't even bother listening to music on my mobile device for any serious listening, I reserve that for my home stereo, but there are options and it's just figuring out what works best for you and your budget.

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I'm going to use old school wired headphones forever. Screw this new-fangled tech.
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Please explain why higher sound quality transmission, via wire, is considered ancient tech or more to the point, why is does the connotation lean towards "bad"? If wireless delivered SQ as good as wired then the choice is simple.

Choice is the key word as some prefer the SQ a hardwired connection can provide and others prefer the convenience of a wireless connection at the expense of SQ. Neither "choice" is wrong or bad. It's what works best for you.

I believe what most people are concerned with is that the choice may no longer be theirs to make. Yes, you can get a cable, just not with a 3.5mm connector, to get it to work but at what cost. It boils down to revenue. Freakin' bean counters! :)

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Regarding comments about technological evolution, advancement, and larger movement towards wireless. I believe these are all valid and appropriate topics. However I believe that NONE of them played into Apples decision about the headphone jack. Nor do i believe it has to do with available real estate for the phone. my opinion this one all comes down to $$$ for Apple. Remember when they changed the charging port from the old style to the lightning port? This involved consumers buying new chargers and adapters from them for alot of money. And when the first batch of cheaper 3rd party cables came out...Apple updated software on their phones to block usage of said cables. They werent interested in their users having a better connector..they were interested in their users having a connector that THEY supplied, for a cost.

Moving forward, any headphone manufacture that wants to make headphones which can plug directly into iphones will need to pay Apple fees to use their proprietary connectors. Its a way for them to collect revenue on accessories that they dont even make.
Its the exact same topic as the aforementioned Apple's refusal for permitting users the use of upgradable memory cards.

Additionally its a way to artificially create higher interest and need for their new wireless buds offering. Alot of people who might consider a $200 pair of wireless buds unnecessary will change their mind when they realize its kinda required with the new phone.

As for their "generosity" (aka "courage") for including the free adapter-to-headphone jack with iphone7's. This all comes down to softening the blow of their decision.

My intent with these statements is not to indicate that they arent appropriate business decisions. Apple has every right to make these decisions and do what they feel is the right move for their company/investors/profit. Technical evolution will absolutely happen in both phones and headphones to places new and different. Change is always tricky. However when debating subjects such as the removal of the jack, I think it is important to separate the subject out from intent vs results vs evolution.

Peace .n. Living in Stereo


PS: Regarding the move to very excited about it. I really hope we see new and improved sounding wireless buds everywhere. I hope apples new buds sound great. As I hope the Kanoa offering thats been on the horizon for a while rocks. And others. There is no doubt that being free from wires has advantages. But said freedom doesnt mean im ready to discard or discount some of the amazing headphones ive purchased over the years.

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Excellent link. I always enjoy a good mocking of how pompous and arrogant Apple comes across. 'They' did this, 'they' did that, even when it had very little to do with them in reality.