Amazon lets Alexa whisper into ears of Bluetooth Headphone makers

The Bluetooth wireless headphone market is huge and growing, as is modern consumers bent for yelling everything at Amazon’s voice assistant they can manage while roaming the confines of their homes: “Alexa, queue up my punk-rock play list!”

But what about if you’re in another room, or outside the house lounging by the pool (or in my case, in the yard raking leaves) and you want Alexa to do something? You’re screwed, that’s what.

But perhaps not for much longer.

The Internet/online sales juggernaut announced back in January that it was opening up its Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit toolbox to Bluetooth-enabled headphone, smartwatch and headset developers. “Great!” You say, but its still not a reality.

True, but with the release of the SDK (Software Developer Kit) it’s getting kinda hectic because this could mean not only Bluetooth headphone support, but also Bluetooth speakers, etc. The technology facilitates communication with the Alexa app directly, bypassing the onus on hardware manufacturers to develop their own Alexa-compatible app.

I don’t know about you, but coming home in the pouring rain with the Beats Solo 3 Wireless on and being able to turn on the living room lights and turn up the heat before I hit the front gate of my house would be pretty helpful – oh, and having that punk playlist blasting as well?

Who says the future was way cooler in the past?

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