Amazon's Top Selling Cowin E7 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones Measurements

Measurements Wired NC Off
Click on graphs image to download .pdf for closer inspection.

Measurements Bluetooth NC Off

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Because of their similar performance I'm grouping noise canceling and non-noise canceling modes together for discussion.

Raw frequency response plots with NC off show significant changes in bass response with positional changes on the head. Bluetooth mode looks significantly worse, my guess is that's just the luck of the draw. These were difficult to get a good seal on the dummy head.

Bass response shows a large, 10dB boost centered at around 170Hz with a fairly rapid fall-off below. These were definitely bloated sounding. Midrange response above 500Hz isn't too bad but the peak 5-6kHz should be lower at about 3kHz; subsequent response above 4kHz falls off at a reasonably good rate and is devoid of any sharp peaks. This produced a zingy, but listenable, treble response.

30Hz square wave is strongly misshapen indicating significantly non-flat and phase shifted bass response. Coupled with the significantly rising bass distortion below 200Hz and you begin to get a pretty good picture of a headphone with lousy bass.

300Hz square wave is relatively noise-free, but initial overshoot is not high enough and to overall waveform rises significantly, both indicating low treble level.

The impulse response didn't trigger, likely due to too much time/phase shifting through the electronics.

THD+noise plot are worse than average below 200Hz, but pretty good above. I did here the response above 200Hz, though uneven, as fairly clean.

Impedance plots show a 9 kOhm nominal headphone indicative of the input impedance of the electronic circuits. Isolation is about average for a sealed, over-ear headphone. Needing 68mVrms to achieve 90dBspl at the ear these cans will play plenty loud from a portable device.

Measurements Wired NC On

Click on graphs image to download .pdf for closer inspection.

Measurements Bluetooth NC On

Click on graphs image to download .pdf for closer inspection.

The picture changes significantly with noise canceling on. The noise canceling servo flattens out the big bass bump and extends (sort of) the low bass, but also creates a large response hump centered between 400Hz and 1kHz. This creates a strong midrange shouty response in listening. Treble response rises in level after a trough in the presence region (1-3kHz) that, fortunately, prevents these cans from too much resembling a land line telephone call.

30Hz square wave is all but unreadable. The large forward shoulder of the 300Hz square wave indicates the midrange emphasis seen in the raw response.

THD+noise shows bass with less distortion than non-NC mode indicating the NC servo tends to correct the bass distortion present in the non-NC mode. Overall curve is higher than non-NC mode probably due to noise from the electronics circuitry.

Isolation plots show kicking in at 400Hz and below providing roughly 15dB more isolation than without noise canceling.

Phew! Glad I'm done with these.


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God this looks terrible, I'm surprised Tyll didn't WoF it :o)

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misses @intus at the end ;-)

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Checkout the fake spot analysis of the reviews

Note, fakespot has plugins for the major browsers

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this is the most sad thing. It is not only a product that "doesn't deliver".
Natural resources go into this and get wasted as people buy, find this thing to not work properly or break very fast and than dispose of it. I don't even want to know the work conditions that made possible such a low price.
This is simply immoral and outrageous.

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These measurements look a lot like first generation Beats products, though maybe with a bit more treble than the Beats had. This probably explains why so many people like this headphone: it's the sound they're used to, both in headphones and those cheap mini systems you see in big box stores, that promise xTremeBassOver9000 out of their four inch woofers.

At least it's cheap; it's always a shame when a brand tries to pass off poor performance as something amazing and charges a premium for it. Bose and Beats used to be guilty of this, though in recent years both have stepped up the performance.

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Then why not look at the Grado PS2000e? I know that you're not a Grado fan but I'd be interested in seeing how they measure and your impressions of course - if you could stand listening to them. ;)

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Why exactly is he not a fan of Grado hps? I know a lot of people who like them, never heard them myself though.

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Do you have a pair you could send in for measurement?
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I know that TTVJ has made a pair available for his loaner program over at Head-Fi. Maybe he could make it available to you for measurement once it's done the rounds.

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Good idea, I'll give Todd a call.
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if he feels so inclined.

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Why bother with amazon cheepos when you can get much better stuff from China.
Here my first review ever - also the first review of the KZ ZSE earphones to my knowledge. With reference to Tyll including a real silk Hawaii shirt.

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That's hysterical, dude! Totally enjoyed it.
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Coincidentally, I purchased two more Hawaii shirts yesterday.

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Totally unrelated to these headphones (probably except for the wireless feature) but will you review the Focal Listen Wireless?

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These Corwin E7's constantly go on sale at $30 and are often put right on the front page of deal sites like Slickdeals as "amazing" buys. Seriously though, they aren't a good buy at $30 even. Several co-workers bought these, and I've tried them. Both the old style electronics and the new style. They are garbage. Sound worse the junk bluedio T3's I got my wife because she really liked the look of them.

The measurements don't surprise me at all, as basically that is what I heard in them too.

Bot if Tyll wants to try something almost acceptable but still cheap, by ONLY suggestion would be to try the Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Bluetooth headphones with an HM5 pleather pad on. Soooooo much better sounding. So much more comfortable. Also better build quality. I have two pairs. One I picked up new from ebay through a "make an offer" for $30 and another at a local pawn shop for $15. If you don't get lucky, they sell for around $75 on Amazon.

The symphonized do not attempt ANC though. I think this is why they sound much better. Still with HM5 pads on they have good passive isolation.

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Hi, Can I use these headphones with desktop? with 3,5 plug?

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