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Amb's m^3 amp

It hasn't gotten a lot of attention over the years, but Ti Kan's m^3 MOSFET based amp is my favorite headphone amp platform. It scales well, sounds great, and can be built to almost any budget. I've owned an inexpensive version built by rockhopper audio in Chapel Hill as well as a couple of custom builds and they were all great, fast, accurate amps that handled every headphone I threw at them.

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That is an excellent

That is an excellent endorsement, this would be fun to build.

Tyll Hertsens
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Ti is an awesome designer.  I

Ti is an awesome designer.  I went to his house one time and saw his complete DIY stereo. Just beautiful.

Have you ever seen the turntable he built?


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That is a pretty friggin' awesome TT. It's not too surprising though, considering what his amp builds look like.

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I'm going to be building one

I'm going to be building one this summer, it seems. I'm seriously looking forward to it.

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The M3 is amazing

1/3 the parts of a B22, and sounds almost identical.  Such an incredible design, I wish it got the same kind of attention that its big brother does. 


Ti, of course, is the man!  Brilliant designer, always there to help, friendly.... just terrific

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I'm a big fan of the M^3.

I'm a big fan of the M^3. It's close enough to the b22 that if you're on any kind of budget under $800 the M^3 is worth a very serious look.

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Some friends are saying great

Some friends are saying great things about the Mini^3 as well, which shares the 3 channel active ground design.  I'm hoping to get a listen at a mini-meet soon!




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Another happy M³ owner

I agree -- very happy with my AMB M³ / γ2 combo and hooking both up to a linear PSU (σ11 and σ25) really unleashed their full potential. I had some questions when soldering and wiring these and was astounded that Ti himself, Mr. X, Linuxworks and other experts answered all of them within a day on AMB's forum. 

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I have over 400 hours on my new M3 amp through my 32 ohm Grado GS1000 headphones. It was unimpressive for the first 40 hours but it has been great since and getting better. I never realized there was so much nuance and detail in music. There is even silence and space between the details. Sound stage ambiance and musical decay is amazing. Quality of source material is very apparent, but not punishing.

Here are specifics of my build which I believe to have contributed to the sound quality.
1. I used a 24vdc regulated PowerOne Linear power supply (upgraded with 15amp HEXFREDs) followed by a Bybee Music Rail filter.
2. Takman metal film resistors used throughout except for Dale RN60s for the 1 ohm MOSFET output resistors.
3. Elna Silmic and Nichicon Muse electrolytics used throughout along with the Wima 1uf film caps. I also bypassed the Wima caps with Vishay 1837 0.01uf PP caps.
4. The volume control device is a LightSpeed LDR attenuator using a kit from Uriah Dailey.  I bypassed the bass control
5. The MOSFETs are mounted on 2.5 inch heat sinks with ventilation holes beneath, over, and even through the circuit board and are biased at 135ma.
6. AD8610 Opamps were used.
7. Added Silk 230 AC filter by Lukas Fikus (lampizator) using C1, C2, C3, MOV, L1 ferrite donut, and L4 ferrite finger per diagram in same chassis as M3 amp.

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