Audeze release Bluetooth iSINE headphones and CIPHER Bluetooth Module

Bluetooth continues to muscle in on high-end headphone audio as a viable high-resolution alternative to getting tangled up in cables and Audeze is wasting no time capitalizing on the success of it’s Mobius wireless gaming headset’s cutting-edge Bluetooth implementation by spreading that wireless love to the both popular and critically-acclaimed iSINE series of micro planar-magnetic IEMs.

Not only are the iSINE20, iSINE10, and iSINE LX available as Bluetooth 5.0-enabled models for $599, $399, and $259 USD respectively, with support for aptX, aptX HD and eight-hour battery life, but Audeze is offering the Bluetooth module itself – CIPHER – for $99 USD separately and that piece of slick tech turns any existing iSINE headphone into a Bluetooth headset.

How’s that for a smart piece of tech implementation? Those on the fence for a planar-magnetic IEM will probably tip over for a Bluetooth version and those already firmly planted in the iSINE camp now get the option to go wireless for less than a C-note. Well played Audeze.

Press release highlights below

A global leader in best-in-class premium audio, is pleased to announce the release of their new Bluetooth iSINE in-ear headphones. The CIPHER Bluetooth Module will also be available as a detachable, lightweight device that will turn any Audeze existing iSINE headphone into a fully mobile Bluetooth headset. Customers will finally be able to enjoy the peerless audio quality of Audeze’s critically acclaimed in-ear headphones coupled with the utility of next generation Bluetooth technology.

Boasting a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset with support for aptX and aptX HD, Audeze’s CIPHER Bluetooth Module offers 24-bit high resolution audio quality with low latency, custom DSP programming and seamless compatibility with the latest and greatest Bluetooth devices.

The CIPHER Bluetooth Module also comes with a built-in high performance microphone capable of delivering crystal clear call quality. Along with a high-capacity lithium battery allowing for up to 8 hours of continuous play, this product will afford users a high degree of functionality and freedom, making it a perfect companion to Audeze’s iSINE in-ear line.

The iSINE series of in-ear headphones, the choice for artists and audiophiles worldwide, combines innovative technology and avant-garde design to deliver an immersive, dynamic music experience unlike any other in-ear. The CIPHER Bluetooth Module can be purchased as a bundle with the iSINE20, iSINE10, and iSINE LX for $599, $399, and $259 respectively at Additionally, the CIPHER Bluetooth Module is available for purchase as a stand-alone accessory for $99 USD and will work with all existing iSINE headphones.

Audeze LLC
3412 S. Susan St, Santa Ana California 92704, USA
(714) 581-8010

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Finally a way for Android phone users to enjoy the benefits of a Cipher cable & its DSP!

Scratching my head as to why Audeze isn't making a point of this in the press release or product page on their site?

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Mine is on order btw. Really wish it did LDAC tho. The Mobius does. Surprised this does not.

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Since iPhones and iPads don't support aptX, curious to know how this plays with iPhones—particularly how the bluetooth sound over iOS' bluetooth compares to the wired lightning Cipher cable (which doesn't work with the latest USB-C iPads and may be obsolete once iPhones ditch lightning cables later this year (according to all credible rumors).