Launched For Computer Audio Enthusiasts is a new website edited by Michael Lavorgna dedicated to making sense of the evolving world of computer audio and getting the best sound from your computer-based audio system.

The site's motto is "Computer Audio For Everyone" and will focus on the world of computer audio hardware, software and music resources. Topics will include hardware reviews from the mass-market right up to the bleeding-edge of what’s possible as well as in-depth analysis of music management software and an exploration of our newest music resources including HD download sites, streaming media and cloud services.

Editor Lavorgna explains: “AudioStream’s mission is to dive in without getting carried away by the endless flow of technology. Our main focus is identifying those products and services that let us all play and enjoy our music just as we’ve been doing for over a century combined with a heretofore unimagined ease of distribution and a near-endless potential for musical discovery.

"One thing is for certain—with each passing day and revision level, computer audio is becoming more about listening and less about figuring out what to buy and how to make it work. From our point of view, that’s progress worth applauding and exploring.

"There's no doubt that computer audio is the future of music playback as long as we also realize that the word "computer" is capable of evolving and morphing into new and varied devices."

As a sister site to the online properties for Stereophile, Home Theater and, AudioStream augments the Source Interlink family of websites bringing readers the resources necessary to build a satisfying system from end to end.

Editor Lavorgna adds: “AudioStream will provide a guide, a clear path through each branch of the Computer Audio journey without losing sight of the final destination – the enjoyment of music. Whether you’re looking to enhance and optimize music playback from your computer, move to a purpose-built music server or streamer, or distribute music throughout your home, AudioStream offers a critical view into the rapidly expanding world of computer audio.”

We look forward to seeing you at and helping you keep in touch with the rapidly growing world of computer audio.