AXPONA 015 Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear Wired

I know they're just doing their job, but boy, public relations people can be weird to work with sometimes. The Sennheiser PR folks were quick to ship me the wireless versions of the Momentum and Urbanite XL—I thought the Momentum Wireless M2 was terrific. Of course, they wanted me to wait until I had written what I was going to write about the wireless models before they'd ship me the passive wired models. And with this little blurb, I'm serving notice: I want some new Momentum wired headphones!!!

I spent a good bit of time listening to the new Momentum over-ear ($349) at AXPONA because after hearing how close the Momentum Wireless in passive mode was to the old Momentum I just had to believe the new Momentum was going to sound pretty darn terrific. Well, I wasn't disappointed, they sounded—and looked and felt—very good to me. Couple that with the better comfort and ergonomics of the refreshed headphone and I think Sennheiser may have a real winner on their hands.

I'll let Adam Irby fill in the details on the video. For further info go to the Momentum wired product page.

Click here if you can't see the video.

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What are the pad dimensions for the new Over-ear Momentum?

I remember the old over-ear Momentum pads were so tiny that they should be considered on-ear and not over-ear for an average mans ear. Basically, it was over-ear for most women and a small percentage of men.

Probably, a better idea to change that Over-Ear Wall of Fame category so that the pads must be able to fit an average mans ear inside. At least it would then be accurate and useful considering that is what most people want when they purchase over-ear headphones.

"These headphones encircle the ear and are sealed to isolate you from outside noise."

The Focal Spirit Pro would have to be moved to the On-Ear Sealed category and the M-100 would stay if the XL pads were used.

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Does this mean you'll be reviewing the wired version? :)

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Hi Tyll,

I eagerly await your review of these gorgeous headphones. Keep up the good work!