AXPONA 2015 Music Hall de-be On-Ear Headphones

I've got to go to all the rooms because you never know when a traditional audiophile company will do something with headphones. I stick my head in the door and ask if they've got any headphone stuff. I usually get a quizzical look and a shake of the head. But every once in a while I'll get a response, in this case it was Leland Leard of Music Hall piping up about their new de-be on-ear headphones. I saw an early prototype of them two years ago at CES so I knew they were on the way. I missed them at CES this year, and was glad to get the scoop from Leland at AXPONA.

The de-be is an on-ear, sealed headphone designed as a portable can to wear on the move. The cable does have a remote control and attaches to either ear. Music Hall also points out that you can share music with a friend by daisy-chaining headphones together. Aluminum ear pieces and an amply padded headband seem pretty plush for a $199 can.

The sound on short listen seem quite good as well. Slightly boxy and colored—like most on-ear sealed cans—but otherwise quite dynamic and potent sounding. I'll have to have a longer listen and measure, of course, but I'm interested, that's for sure.

Here's the web page; I'll let Leland fill in the blanks in the video.

Click here if you can't see the video.