AXPONA 2015 Oppo Digital PM3 Planar Magnetic Headphones

I recently got a pair of PM3s for measurement and review consideration, and I've got to say this is a dandy portable planar magnetic headphone—the doubly good news is that it's only $399. I actually brought the PM3 I had along for the trip to give it a workout on the move. It's no Bose noise canceler, but it is a sealed design and does isolate surprisingly well. Yup, quiet and plenty comfortable for the long, boring seat time of air travel.

The PM3 has the same magnet configuration and similar circuit traces as it's big brothers, the PM1 and PM2, but its diaphragm is somewhat smaller and more circular. The smaller diaphragm is also more efficient making this a dandy can for use with a smartphone. Both a short cable for portable use and a long cable for home are included.

Jason Liao, Oppo Digital’s Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Product Development, was showing off a pair of prototype PM3s in red and blue. Ear pieces are aluminum and the color is, they looked like ear candy. Yes please, Jason, I'd love to see the colors available.

PM3 product page here, and Jason does a really fine job highlighting the PM3 in the video.

Click here if you can't see the video.

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thanks Tyll for all the great stories from Axpona!

Im definitely looking forward to hearing more from you on your experiences with the PM3. The big questions for me will be: does the PM3 drastically improve sound over other closed cans (dynamic drivers being most common) in similar price momentums over ear, m100, and other wall of famers? Ive wanted to dip my toes into planars for a while and this is the first price-conscious contender thats interested me.

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The PM-3s are really amazing closed portable headphones, however the new Momentum Over ear wired are also really good. Tyll definitely will have to review both. You might have to try them both. I have the PM-3 but I am really want to try the M-2s.

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appreciate your comments.

of course now im even more vexed as i have, and love, the Sennheiser Momentum I's and wasnt aware that they changed the drivers until tyll and your i need to know about them as well. so many choices!

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any chance the pm-3 will have a balanced option?

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For home use, I wonder how the Pm-3 compares with the Shure SRH1540?