A Bunch Of Winners

We've had a bunch of sweepstakes here at InnerFidelity.com, but we haven't announced any winners. The time is now!

Carlos C. of Mendota, California gave his brother his new Focal Spirit One Mobile Headphones. His brother is in sanctuary mode with his new cans.

Jon R. of Orem, Utah thinks his CAD MH510s are spectacular. You can read my thoughts about them here. The other winner was Duy N. of Tampa, Florida.

BR of Faber, Virginia won the Focal XS Book Music Systems sweepstakes back in May, but he was too cool to send us a picture. Same thing with Simon Wood, who won the HRT Microstreamer in June.

To round it off, we have the four winners of our Audiofly headphone sweepstakes.

Kevin W. of Brookfield, Wisconsin dresses up his affordable AF33 in-ear monitors.

Brent M. of South Jordan, Utah looks like he's having a great time with his new AF45s.

Grant J. of Lincoln, Nebraska looks surprisingly similar to Brent! Grant won the AF56s.

And the grand prize winner is Mingu Z. of Cary, North Carolina, a city where many of our winners have hailed. He's going to enjoy those AF78s.

Thank you everyone for your participation so far, and we have more sweepstakes to come!

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Thanks for keeping those schwag wheels turning, Ariel!


Just love that we're giving away stuff here.