Calling All SoCal Headphone Geeks ... Great Stuff This Weekend!!

Every August for the past 5 years, HeadRoom has made the treck to Southern California to co-host a headphone event with the Los Angeles/Orange County Audio Society. Five years ago it was a curiosity ... these days it's a happening.

Check it out.

Fifth Annual HeadRoom and Friends Event
Five years ago, when Bob Levy asked me to organize an event for the Los Angeles/Orange County Audio Society, I don't think either of us thought it would turn into a mini-headphone circus side show. That first year I invited a few hobbyists to bring their gear, and a few other vendors to come display their wares. Everyone was surprised at how many folks showed up.

Well, the ball started rolling. Each year the event got better and better, and it's no surprise that this year numerous makers once again have lined up to participate in this really cool headphone event. Here's the list:

  • The HeadRoom crew, of course.
  • Sennheiser USA will have a bunch of headphones.
  • Eddie Current and their sweet tube amps.
  • HiFiMAN with their cool planar magnetic headphones.
  • CEntrance will bring computer audio gear.
  • Spider Cable will show their new in-ear: RealVoice (review).
  • Ultrasone will attend with their S-Logic headphones.
  • Audeze will have their killer LCD-2 headphone ... don't miss this.
  • Phiaton with full line of headphones.
  • Maximo in-ear headphones.
  • Kimber Kable and their kool kables.
  • George Cardas is coming? Hmmmm, interesting.
  • Robert Harley of TAS is coming to chat
  • Free lunch! (There is such a thing!)
  • 29 Raffle prizes!
For the first time in five years, I'll be missing this event ... but if you live in the LA area, and have an interest in headphones, you shouldn't:

Aug 7th, noon-4PM
Holiday Inn, Buena Park
7000 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park, CA 90620

click for map

Have fun! Wish I was going. :(

SoulJazzBass's picture

We've garnered some heavy hitters for this year's HeadRoom & Friends. George will raffle off a set of his $1,840 Cardas Clear 1M interconnects. Also raffled will be a HeadRoom Balanced Desktop DAC, plus HiFiMAN HE500 planar magnetic headphones, a CEntrance DACport-LX, Phiaton headphones, 5 sets of Spider Real Voice in-ears & portable speakers, amongst LOTS other awesome freebie goodies. Bob Levi predicts over 300 attendees for the 5th Annual HR&F.

We'll certainly miss your irrepresible energy at the show, my good man!


LFF's picture

I'll be there for sure!

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