Campfire Audio Andromeda Special Edition: Gold – An IEM with no Crossover


No, not the car designation, rather, that piece of (usually) passive circuitry which helps determine how transducers react to the frequency of incoming analog signals via excursion, etc.

In the case of the new Campfire Audio Andromeda Gold, it’s the lack of a crossover that is of interest. Because, while similar to the single-driver, full-range, crossover-less loudspeaker designs of two-channel audio – this, uniquely, involves seven drivers running without a crossover to divvy-up incoming frequency response.

Campfire Audio continues its kicks-like push of limited edition IEMs featuring their bleeding edge technology and industrial design implementation that doesn’t normally see general production runs. Buyer rejoice.

Think of the numbered and hand-assembled $1,299 USD Andromeda Gold (5Hz–20kHz, 116 dB sensitivity, seven Ohms@1kHz impedance) as a regular Andromeda on steroids and where trickle down tech could be coming from in the future. Only 1,000 pairs are being produced, they feature 24K gold screws accenting a black-anodized, machined-aluminum chassis and are scheduled to ship the third week of August.

According to Campfire, implementation of the seven balanced armatures with no crossover (other sites are reporting that the design runs the drivers completely full-range without passive components) adds two more drivers to the stock Andromeda’s five balanced-armature architecture. All of the drivers (two high frequency, one mid-frequency and four low frequency) are specifically tuned and ported to deliver maximum performance with that quad of low-end transducers plumbing bottom-end grunt.

Find out more at Campfire Audio.

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