CanJam at RMAF 2012 Show Highlight: The Breathtaking Woo Audio WA7 Single-Ended Triode Tube Headphone Amp

The Beautiful Woo Audio WA-7 Single-Ended Triode Amp (~$800)
Jack Woo has just done something really smart. Smart as in good looking, fashionable, mainstream, bloody beautiful, smart. His new WA7 single-ended triode tube amp based on the 6C45 is gorgeous. The amp's got plenty of power to drive all sorts of cans thanks to a dual tap output transformer, and plenty of digital resolution for the most demanding listeners from the built-in 32/192 USB DAC.

But most importantly, Jack realizes that the market for great headphone sound is not in principle limited to audiophiles, and he's designed the amp with women and executives in mind. Sex sells, and this amp is sexy. The tubes are ensconced in a solid glass top case, and a brushed aluminum lower body provides visual and mechanical support for this lovely presentation. More audio sculpture than gadget, this amp will be attractive to a much wider audience than just audiophiles. Wow...just wow.

No links on this one, it's so new there is not yet a product page for it on the Woo Audio website.

Dinny FitzPatrick's picture

At first glance, I thought they were gimmicky, but I was wrong.  They look really nice and the build quality is excellent.  Sounded good, too, based on a quick listening session.  It's always nice to see Jack and the rest of the good folks at Woo Audio.  A genuinely nice bunch of people who make some very solid gear.

Jazz Casual's picture

It does have the office paper weight vibe about it but it's a canny move on Woo's part.

HeadphoneAddict's picture

I was pretty impressed with the sound of the new Woo WA7, and can see it replacing my maxed out Woo WA6 some day.  I tried it with my HE-500 headphones and some HD800, and it performed equally well with both.  It even had the power to drive the original HE-5 to good sound and volume, and those need a lot of juice.