CanJam at RMAF 2012: TTVJ and the Apex Hi-Fi Audio Glacier Portable Headphone Amp and USB DAC

Apex Glacier Portable Headphone Amp and DAC ($495)
A little over ten years ago now, Pete Millett approached me with idea of a USB headphone amplifier. At the time, most computers didn't have audio as a standard feature, you had to buy a sound card to get audio at all. The idea of a simple plug 'n play USB headphone amp seemed miraculous, and the HeadRoom BitHead was born.

Fast forward a decade, and Pete has a dozen or more USB headphone amp designs under his belt, and continues to pursue great sound through this versatile interface. His latest creation is the Apex Audio Glacier--a rechargeable portable USB headphone amp and USB DAC available at Todd the Vinyl Junkie.

The Glacier includes a Cirrus Logic DAC driven by a Tenor isochronous USB interface, which provides support for up to 24-bit, 96-kSPS digital audio from a USB host; a microprocessor controlled analog stepped attenuator; puts out 2.6V RMS (7.4V P-P) and up to 100mA of output current; is DC coupled; and is all wrapped up in a dandy stainless steel chassis. My experience is Pete's designs are almost always a good listen, I can't wait to play with this one.

Find out more on the TTVJ Apex Hi-Fi Audio Glacier product page.