CanJam at RMAF 2013: Focal, Micromega, and Pathos

I did some unusual things when I started HeadRoom, one of which was to publish honest reviews of the headphones we sold. People came to the site in large numbers for the reviews...but often bought elsewhere. I complained to John, who was with Sennheiser at the time, about spending a lot of time and effort selling people on headphones, but having them purchase on-line at heavily discounted sources. He said, "Maybe you should consider running a separate site for headphone reviews." Funny how things turn out.

John is now employed by Audio Plus Services, a company that represents a number of high-end makers here in the US. Among them are Focal, Micromega, and Pathos. Focal, of course, has recently introduced the Spirit Classic ($399) and Spirit Professional ($349) to follow up on their Spirit One ($279) mobile headphone introduction of last year. The Spirit Professional is designed by Focal with audio pros in mind, delivering a neutral listening experience in a sealed, and sturdy headphone. The Spirit Classic is intended for high-end home listening, and sports a more comfortable fit and 4 meter OFC cable.

Also in John's booth were the dandy little Micromega MyZik ($299) and MyDAC ($399), and the Pathos Aurium ($1495) (reviewed here) and Converto DAC ($1295). John will give you a little intro in the video.