CanJam at RMAF 2013: Light Harmonic Geek Out USB amp/DAC

Light Harmonic makes a very sexy $20,000 product called the Da Vinci DAC. While it's received significant praise, it's certainly out of my price range. Enter the Geek Out--LH Labs latest Kickstarted creation. This little USB DAC comes in three flavors: Geek, Super Geek, and Super-Duper Geek,each with ever increasing output power (450mW, 720mW, and 1000mW respectively). All have in common two outputs (line out @ 47 Ohms and headphone jack output @ 0.47 Ohm output impedances), and all three play files in their native formats up to 384/32, and support DSD to 6.144mHz.

I ran into Gavin just sitting on a table in the middle of CanJam. He was demoing the 1000mW Super-duper Geek with a pair of Audeze LCD-X headphones and boy, it drove those planar-magnetic cans with a whole bunch of authority. Pretty amazing for a USB powered amp; I'm sure looking forward to an extended audition!

Here's Gavin to fill you in on the details.

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Good idea.

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I have a question: Where is the amp or Why is there no amp.

Thank You

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The amp is inside.  It's a combo DAC/headphone amp.

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There's a new destop version of this amp avaialbe at Indiegogo. linky

  • Contribute $398 for the Geek Pulse + Geek Out bundle and get the Pulse for $199 and Out for $199
  • Contribute $249 for half off the MSRP
  • Contribute $299 for 40% off the MSRP
  • Contribute $349 for 30% off the MSRP