CanJam at RMAF 2013: Philips

Perhaps you've seen my recent report on Philips research labs in Leuvan and the work done there? Jude Mansilla from, Mike Ting and Lieven Vranken from, and myself were treated to a lot of very interesting information on Philips recent headphone (and other audio product) development efforts. While there we talked some about Philips attending RMAF, and subsequent to our return numerous emails were exchanged. One need I had in particular was filling up guest seats on a panel I was to moderate concerning headphone target response curves, and I was tickled pink when Philips decided to attend the show on relatively short notice, and Rowan Williams (Philips headphone audio engineer) agreed to sit on the panel.

I thought the panel discussion went really well, but more importantly, I think the new Philips L2 is a really nice headphone and a marked improvement over the L1. I've got one here in the lab and have measured it, listening tests continue, but there's little doubt left in my mind, the L2 will be getting a review. I likey!

I hope Philips enjoyed CanJam at RMAF, I know I sure enjoyed seeing them there. I'll leave you with a video in which Rowan Williams talks about the new L2 headphone.

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You wrote "talks about the new L1" <- should be L2 :) It's okay I do these misstakes all the time myself where I write something else than what my brain is thinking. :p

Looking forward to hear more about L2!! The slightly too much veiled highs on L1 was the only big problem about those, otherwise they were very nice. Does it still have a similarly pretty big bass? The L1 had a decent boost and to me personally I like it as to me it sounds more neutral than if it was non-boosted (according to FR measurements anyway) as I listen mostly to electronic dance music genres.

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I'm really impressed with the serious attention Philips has been devoting recently to their headphone line, and I'm really glad to see them making an appearance at events like this!   I think the Fidelio X1 is a remarkably good can and one of the best values out there in headphones.

I just wanted to say that all the Fidelio X1 owners/fans are VERY interested in a revised version with replaceable pads.  This is by far the number one complaint I see about this otherwise excellent headphone.  I can't count the number of times I've seen members who are on the verge of buying the X1, only to get steered away once they realize the pads are non-replaceable. 

Of course, a successor to the X1 would also be very welcome.  yes

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I had my first listen to the X1 and L2 at RMAF(never heard the L1). I thought the X1 was good. I thought the L2 was a disaster; while the hella bass was tolerable and even pleasant(on electronic music), there is some funky midrange stuff going on that is hard to listen to.  I just can't imagine the L2 sounding good/natural with acoustic music of any sort (I also auditioned full-orchestra tracks).

I'd really love to see the measurements on the L2 so I can make some sense of what I heard.