CanJam at RMAF 2013: Saturday Night Beer Social

Now a tradition at CanJam @ RMAF, the Saturday night beer social was simply good clean fun...well good fun, anyway. Two people are to be thanked for the great time had Saturday night. Jude Mansilla, of course, was one. He not only allowed for the time and bought kegs of beer, he also generously tipped the hotel staff working the event to keep it open long into the evening. Jude, as always, was a thoughtful host, and a real mensch for keeping the doors open late for the community to blow off some steam. Thanks mate, you're golden. I tried to get a picture of him, but mostly he was tucked in behind his camera firing frames at a madding pace.


The other hero of the evening was Todd Green of Todd the Vinyl Junkie. Todd made a little pilgrimage through south-west Montana visiting numerous small breweries, and amassing a collection of 29 growlers of extraordinarily good beer, which he generously shared with the crowd. He also had a couple of cases of beer glasses made for the event and handed them out freely. I worked with Todd long before I hired him as HeadRoom' sales manager, and I can say with full confidence he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting, both professionally and personally.

Thanks for the brews, Todd!


Here's a few random pix...don't miss the video at the end!


Alex Rossen and Mike Mercer Pump up the jams. Those Cerwin Vega speakers sounded surprisingly good!


Doug Leavy drains another one...he's quite expert.


Great to see the guys from Koss working out their elbows for the cause.


Mr. Speakers himself, Dan Clark, enjoying the brews and atmosphere.


Pete Millet is legend in the headphone world. He now designs amp under the Apex Hi-Fi Audio brand with Todd Green. His engineering chops are impeccable, but his beer connoisseurship is world class.


Warren P. Chi, moderator and geek extraordinair, sat on the panel I hosted about the future of personal audio. His thoughts were fun and imaginative...thanks, mate!


You've no doubt seen his photos and videos on, for once Joe Cwik is caught behind the camera. Thanks for all your work; we'll be watching!

And now, for your viewing pleasure—and my embarrassment—my Saturday Night Beer Social video.

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Hi! Tyll from Inner Fiddelrghelghgty here . . .


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...or my resistance was just to low. 

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Might reconsider my aversion to head-fi meets. ;)