CanJam at RMAF 2013: Violectric

John Grandberg first brought Lake People amps to the pages of InnerFidelity here. He enjoyed the G103P and G109P amplifiers by the Lake People brand that specializes in the pro-audio market. But Lake People have a sub-brand, Violectric, touting products to headphone audiophiles. Violectric amps have all the high-voltage, high-slew rate, low-output impedance, and basically competent engineering that their pro-side counterparts have, but with connectorization and features a little more suited to the home enthusiast.

Violectric showed a dandy line of headphone amplifiers from the $600 V90 all the way up to the ~$1200 V200. Fried Reim gives us a nice tour of the line in the video.

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I can't say enough good things about the V200 amp. The V181 is quite nice as well. 

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I'm a proud owner of both the V800 dac and V200 amplifier.  What's there to say except that they represent very good value imho but are sadly not known very well across the atlantic and more's the pity.  German engineering at its best, coupled with a very knowledgeable and outgoing CEO who promptly answers any technical question himself.  I use the combo to drive a HD-800, DT-880, HE-6 and also a loaner HE-500.  They do very well with all those cans but especially with the HD-800 and imo the HE-6 the pairing is exceptional (and, yes, the output on this setup really is sufficient to drive the HE-6 the way it should be done).

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Great to see Fried Reim and his awesome Amps and DACs finally being featured at Innerfidelity and taking part at CanJam.

I hope you'll be the first to review and cover the upgrades that Fried Reim announced regarding his DACs (I guess a remote control for the V800 DAC will also be considered), and that Violectric will finally be properly featured at Innefidelity with the V90, V100, V181 and V200 making it in to your Amp measurement project, as well as receive some well deserved and long-overdue recognition.

I also think a nice and longer interview with Fried would have been interesting, having the opportunity to have him right there at CanJam. I think you have to expand on the coverage and do so more in depth interviews regarding the engineering philosophy behind the good and innovative products. Reviews are great, but a more in depth insight to components and info from the horse's mouth, would be a welcome and interesting addition.


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The interview thing makes more sense as a separate article though, rather than fitting it in among show coverage. There's just not room for it. But I might be able to make that happen one of these days. I think Fried has a lot of insight to offer.

He just picked up a new USA distributor and has some new product ideas, so we should definitely see more of him going forward.