CanJam at RMAF 2014: Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson

Alex Cavalli unveiled his latest creation here at RMAF: The Liquid Crimson ($2850). This pre-production unit is a hybrid amp centered around a single 6922/6DJ8 tube; the stock tube will be a Genelax 6922. A removable grill makes tube rolling fairly easy. This is an unbalanced amp with two sets of RCA inputs, and three headphone outputs—3.5mm low-gain jack; 3.5mm high-gain jack; and a 4-pin XLR for headphones wire for balanced operation. Output is claimed to be about 6Watts into 50 Ohms.

Information remains a bit spotty as the Liquid Crimson is slated for availability about Feb-Mar 2015, but some recent Facebook posts on the Cavalli FB page does provide some detail.

I did spend some time listening to the LC with the Mr. Speakers Alpha Primes and music not familiar to me, so lots of unknowns, but yes sir, it did sound quite clean and transparent.