CanJam at RMAF 2014: CEntrance i5

CEntrance's Michael Goodman showed a prototype of their i5 integrated headphone amp/case for the iPhone 5S and Touch 5G. Yet another offering from CEntrance ridding enthusiast listeners from the need to strap together a block of portable gear (their Glove Audio products do a similar thing for the AK100/120), the i5 promises iPhone protection, extra battery life, and significantly improved sound while retaining that all important characteristic for a phone: the ability to put the damned thing in your pocket!

The i5 uses an XMOS device to get a digital audio stream out of the iPhone asynchronously. It also uses the same AKM DAC as that is used in the spectacular HiFi-M8, and though slightly less powerful than its more bulky big brother it retains the less than one Ohm output impedance and low noise performance for which CEntrance has become so well known.

Your first chance to get hold of one will be by participating in the currently running Indiegogo campaign, where $299 will get you one of the first units available. Of course, you can wait until it's available on the open market sometime in the first quarter of next year at $599.

Editor's Note: In what I can only see as an horrific turn of events, I've found that my first day of videos have been eaten by my camera. AARGHH! So, it looks like about four of my show reports will be missing video. My apologies. So for this report, I'm going to embed the video from CEntrance's Indegogo campaign.

Click here if you can't see the video.

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Yo Tyll,

Sorry to hear about your camera videos! However, no worries sir, any/all info you share from the show is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks dude!

Peace .n. mmmmm New Audio Toys!


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Now is probably a good time to traverse into 1080p technology including a proper sound capability . Your group is needing you to lead the way into the 21st. Century , Cutting edge video will help you point the way .
You've long-ago left the Vinyl Twidlers ( a Mike Moffat quote ) in the bins of musty record covers and Turntable set-up seminars whilst trying to work up a list of Best of Show nominations .
If you like ( not that you need ) I can mention this to JA , he may release a few Quid to further your cause !!
You do such nice work as a "One Man Band" that I would assign you a Steady-Cam Guy with a Cannon 1D equipped with proper sound and a bit of lighting ! , now-a-days freelance Camera guys aren't all that expensive for three days of work and your interviewees would be dazzled with the professional approach you have towards presenting THEIR lovely little …. triggering advertising Dineros aplenty .

Tony in Michigan

Ps . 720i or 720p died a few years ago , it's been time to move up to "Proper" Quality Levels .
Ps. 2 , oh , thanks for trying to cover this important event , all by yourself . ( your other group seem to be spending their time in the $6,000 Rooms where the Oldsters are waiting for the Needles to drop )

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Because it makes the content look all the more genuine and meaningful.


But yeah, we're working on it bit by bit. Patience.

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I like you're work so I'm happy . I've done tons of Shows in my day , I don't envy you having to do them .
I'm following now to see the consumer transition into portable audio . Trying to figure out if I should commit a bit of manufacturing of something or other ( like headphone parts ) , the Alpha Dog guy is making a nice headphone ear cover thing on a printer which is rather an expensive thing to do but he's trying to fetch $1,000 for the things !

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That Enjoythemusic guy did a spy video of you at the JDS table , RMAF 2014 . You sitting on that stool , holding the tiny camera in your left hand , lt. blue levis slacks . I guess that he felt you were part of the Show and worth covering with a video .