CanJam at RMAF 2014: Oppo Digital PM-3 Prototype

Having spent quite a bit of time emailing back and forth about my PM-1 review, it was a great pleasure to meet Igor Levitsky in person at RMAF. Igor is the chief designer of Oppo's planar magnetic headphones and, in my view, has done a bang-up job innovating an unusual driver design and producing musical headphones.

This time around, Oppo was showing of a prototype of their upcoming PM-3—a sealed planar magnetic intended for portable use. It's not mentioned in the video, but Igor told me the driver in these cans is slightly smaller than the PM-1/2 driver. Cable entry is single sided, and a remote control is least as an option. No price is set at this time, but product introduction is expected in January 2015.

Maybe I'll get to hear a production version at CES in a few months. 'Til then I'll have to settle for the short listen to the prototypes, which left me feeling these new cans were actually a bit more balanced than the polite (but very appealing) PM-1. This should be very interesting!

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I'm kinda surprised they'd still call it a prototype so close to launch, is that common?

The gloss finish is kind of a turn off for a portable, I think a few people commented on the same thing at HF.

Outside of that I'm eager to see what price point Oppo will aim for with these.

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I believe it is more common now. A lot of companies are doing ghost revisions, perhaps, instead of gathering years worth of feedback. I've read speculation that the PM-2 had a slightly altered sound signature, possibly from the couple months feedback between its release and the PM-1.

It's too bad. To me, it makes headphones seem a lot more like other consumer electronics (ultimately disposable/replaceable).
How else is a person going to make a buck in testing though?

Seth195208's picture an avatar? Ha!

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I listened to the PM-3s for quite a while at Canjam and was very impressed on a wide variety of music, i think they might have a winner here. Music fed by the HA-2. They had a very even balance witb no peaks, very smooth, dynamic, and natural.


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Oppo aren't messing around are they, with quick succession of models of planars!

Yeah, I'd have like to have seen a matt finish to the outer ear cups rather than the hi-gloss but interesting to see for sure.

Also would have been more portable if the headphone arms were collapsable to smaller form rather than just folding flat methinks.

But a portable planar that runs directly from a smartphone is nothing to be sniffed at.