CanJam at RMAF 2014: Simaudio Moon Neo Series 430HA Headphone Amplifier

I guess I first talked with Lionel Goodfield, Simaudio PR & Marketing Mgr, about this product development effort at least two years ago. He was quite excited about Simaudio moving into the headphone space, and spent quite a bit of time talking with me about headphone amps and the type of things headphone enthusiasts were looking for. Well, the Moon Neo Series 430HA is here, and it's a doozy!

The 430HA ($3500) is a fully-balanced, solid-state headphone amplifier with an optional DSD capable DAC ($800). It has two unbalanced RCA and one balanced twin XLR analog inputs, and two coax, one optical, and one USB digital inputs. Both fixed and variable line-outs are available on the rear panel for pre-amp duties. Front panel headphone outputs include twin 3-pin and one 4-pin balanced outs, and a standard 1/4" unbalanced headphone jack. Special feature include an discrete tranconductance topology output circuit (internally current mode, not a current mode output), and an analog crossfeed circuit using all passive components. The optional DAC will do up to 24/192 on all inputs, and the USB input provides for PCM to 32/384 and DSD256.

Lots more bells and whistles with the 430HA can be learned on Simaudio's 430HA product page, and datasheet and user manual .pdf downloads. I tell you what, having someone like Simaudio entering the headphone world with a product like this really gets my juices flowing, I can't wait to spend some time with this baby. Looks like I'll be getting one in for a good long listen after CES. Woot!

Ed Note: Last of the "camera ate my video" exhibitors. :(

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It says "340HA..." and not "430HA..." (just thought you should know). Thank you so much for the coverage. I hope to someday be able to attend CanJam and talk shop over a beer(s).

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There's my lysdexia showing through. fxt. thnx.
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Good One!

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Did anyone at RMAF have an opportunity to give this amp a listen ?
It appears to be excellent in theory and loaded with great features. I'd love to hear some feedback. Thanks.