CanJam at RMAF 2014: V-MODA Master Edition M-100 and XS

I just love checking in with Val Kolton, CEO of V-MODA, he's always working on something cool. Don't let the whole focus on fashion thing throw you off, V-MODA is sound and build quality first. The fact that their designs are so striking is icing on the cake.

This year Val was showing of some limited production run (500 units each) headphones: The Master Edition M-100 Over-Ear and XS On-Ear. These aren't just cosmetic makeovers, but essentially a platform for V-MODA to introduce some new technologies their working on. Both model incorporate new drivers, the XS has a square cross-section voice coil, for example. I thought the Master Edition XS was particularly terrific sounding. Prices? Well, V-MODA is very involved with the Head-Fi community and will be crowdsourcing ideas on price. Keep an eye out for a thread to pop up on Head-Fi for future developments.

Val was also introducing folks to their upcoming in-ear product. Here too, V-MODA is crowdsourcing for names and packaging shapes on Head-Fi. I had a look and quick listen to these at the show. Actually, what most impressed me was the new cables they developed for these cans. Extremely durable, astonishingly tangle resistant, and yet feel very nice in the hands.

Sorry, no firm introductory dates yet. Check in occasionally at the V-MODA website or "like" their FaceBook page for announcements.


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Thanks Tyll for the continued awesome reports!
The v-moda m-80s were one of the first pairs of headphones i bought based on this sites Wall of Fame. They continue to impress. I plan on snagging a pair m-100's some day, once i find a good deal, thou they really dont seem to fluctuate in price at all...another testimony to v-moda's quality. Finally, at your suggestion, i originally picked up a bunch of their replacement cables (w the 45 degree jack) and love them. I use them on many different pairs of headphones. They're excellent. I really look forward to any/all new and improved products from v-moda. They're awesome.
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Ltd edition versions with improved sonics?


I've the M-100 and X's and they are truly both fantastic headphones all around.

Would have preferred to have seen some new model from v-moda rather than ltd edition versions of what's already part of their current range, but still a win if they've pushed the sonics quality higher nonetheless.