CanJam at RMAF 2016: Westone W80 In-Ear and Bluetooth Cable

Westone has added a new flagship to their universal-fit in-ear line with the W80. The new earphone boasts eight drivers per earpiece, MMCX connectors, and four different color shield to customize the look of your IEMs. At $1499 the earphone is pricy, but it does come with a very nice ALO cable. Like all Westone products, the W80 fit very well in my ear—these guys are particularly good at ergonomics—and sound quality was certainly the best I've heard form this maker.


With so much emphasis on wireless headphones for music and telephony these days, my attention was drawn to a little gadget on the table, Westone's simply named Bluetooth Cable. Worn over the ear, the ear hook portion is terminated in an MMCX connector, allowing it to be used with all MMCX Westone products (and most other IEMs using this connector). Two small modules hang just behind and below each ear; the left holding the battery, and the right housing controls and electronics. I paired up with my phone and the combo worked really $149 the cable seems like a really good deal to me if you've got IEMs with MMCX connectors.

Karl and Kris Cartwright explain both products in the video.

Click here to view on YouTube.

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It's nice to see something 20X cheaper than the 64 guys that you think sounds like their best effort!!