CanJam at RMAF2016: Cavalli Liquid Tungston and Mr. Speakers Ether Flow

I just gotta say, what a pleasure it is to know the two guys. The enthusiasm they bring to the headphone hobby is a beautiful thing to behold. Just a treat!

Warren Chi was showing a circuit board prototype of the Liquid Tungston, the upcoming flagship of the Cavalli line expected to retail for about $5999. Warren said the amp is Alex Cavalli's take on a Futterman OTL (output transformer-less) and OCL (output capacitor-less, I assume) circuit. No balanced drive here, this is a single-ended design through-and-though. My ears on quick listen had me thinking this is a very musical amplifier.


Hooked up to it was a pair of Mr. Speaker Ether Flows—a headphone it thoroughly enjoyed reviewing. The pairing really did sound terrific.

I also had a little ears-on time with a pre-production version of an upcoming electrostatic headphone. They were quite good—didn't quite have the warmth and weight of the other system, but were remarkably smooth and seemingly well balanced. Also had some problems with an odd noise as the diaphragms touching the stators when I put them on head and pressed against them. Hey they're not quite done yet, and I love it when manufacturers give us a little glimpse into their work at CanJams. Dan expects to announce availability and pricing within a few months, and expects to be shipping early in '17.

Here's the duo in flickering form.

Click here to view on YouTube.

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