CanJam at RMAF2017: People I Love - Dan Clark

Dan Clark - MrSpeakers Founder, CEO, and all-around good guy
Dan has done it right...meaning he both measures and listens. Pretty much every headphone he's made has been better than the last. I think it has more to do with the listening that the measurements. In fact I spent some quality time with Dan and his official corporate listener. I forgot his name, damit, but it was a fun conversation. Pretty cool job to have, eh? He passed the Philips listening test (when it was up) all the way to the gold level, and got the gig. Go to a trade show, you gotta bring the official company listener along.

Anywho, Dan is one of those classic cases in headphone enthusiasm of a hobbyist in a garage turning pro...and boy has he turned pro. He's got a hoppin' operation going on right'll be hoppin' even higher with the introduction of his new stuff.

Dan has threatened me for year to come visit me in Bozeman, I think we settled on January or February when the ski hills are in full swing. I don't ski anymore, but my buddy Hair Bag is a ski bum that will take Dan to every worthy nook and cranny of Bridger Bowl. Dan's is guaranteed to have rubber legs by the time he gets back to the house.

Meet Dan Clark.

View on YouTube.

veggieboy2001's picture

I'm guessing Dan doesn't like the camera. He seems approachable enough at the shows, though. The Aeon Open is the one I'm dying to hear the most...unfortunately I'll likely have to wait for CanJam NYC!

Thanks for playing along, was fun to see.