CanJam SoCal 2015 Member Table N3rdling

Milos' (N3rdling) table was yet another display of unobtainium on a member table. His Stax SR-009 was being driven by the extreemely limited edition HeadAmp Aristaeus—an amp who's design was inspired by the famous Sennheiser Orpheus, and is simply stunning to hear and view.

His Stax SR-007 was being driven by Stax top-of-the-line solid-state amp, the SRM-727A. Here's another case where the enthusiasts are amazingly on the ball, member Spitzer noted a detrimental change from the previous SRM-717 amp with the removal of feedback from the output stage. He developed a mod (which can be seen here) to replace some needed feedback. Milos said the mod is quite easy and can be performed in about a half hour.

Both these rigs were driven by a 1990's era Accuphase DP-75 CD player used as a trasport outputting its bits into an exceedingly rare Stax DAC-X2t digital to analog converter. Milos describes the find in this Head-Fi post:

I ended up finding a Stax DAC-X2t. As far as I can tell it's the exact same thing as a DAC-X1t. I've always been very happy with my Accuphase DP-75, but the X1t is one of the only DACs I told myself I'd try to hunt down and own one day. It really sounds amazing. I think this thing went for something like $20k new back in 1989. It uses 12AX7 tubes on the input and two Ultra Analog D20400 DAC chips. Weighs about 65 lbs. Took me years to get my hands on one but well worth the wait.

Wow, very cool. But we're not done yet!

Last rig on the table starts with a Kevin Gilmore designed Dynahi, another famous DIY Gilmore design (thread here) this time with a focus on high output power. It was driving the amazingly rare and well loved by enthusiasts Sony MDR-R10. These cans sold for an astonishing $2,500 in the late eighties when first introduced and have the unusual characteristic of being made from mostly organic materials throughout—unfortunately this makes for a headphone that is slowly biodegrading over time. (Don't miss Milos giving us a peak inside these cans in the video.) Due to their terrific sound, the R10 will still fetch well over $5000 in the second hand market these days despite the physical degradation problems.

N3rdlings table was a spectacular display, thanks mate! Close-ups of all the gear in the video!

Click here if you can't see the video.

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Wow, 5 years of work, impressive.
I'll try to contact him, I'd like to learn more about his Stax 007 & Stax amp combination.

Thanks for presenting him,

Tony in Michigan

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Hey man! You are on TV!!!
good to see your rigs if not in person, at least as seen as in InnerFidelity :)

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Were there any headphones there that didn't make people wearing them look like complete tits?

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It's a vibrant community alright.