CES 2014 Comply OEM Headphone Ear-Pads

When I first heard Comply would be making ear-pads for full-sized headphones I wondered how in the heck they would pull that off. Sure, they do a great job of offering enough shapes and sizes to fit in-ear models, but that's mostly just dealing with the diameter of the sound nozzle of that type of headphone. Regular headphones are not only myriad shapes and sizes, but the types of attachement mechanism differ widely as well. How in the world are they going to duplicate the after-market model they currently dominate with in-ear tips!? Answer: They're not.

Unlike their ear-tip business, Comply's new on-ear and over-ear pad business is, for the time being, going to be strictly as an OEM ear-pad maker for headphone manufacturers. Ah-ha! Now that seems doable...but still far from easy.

Ear-pads are an integral, and very important, part of the acoustic design of headphones. The amount of undamped "bounce" of the ear-pad can create a low-frequency resonance; the internal volume enclosed is a determining variable of upper-mid-range and low-treble resonance; and internal acoustic absorption spectra of the pads is an important part of treble voicing. Fortunately, the folks at Comply are well aware of these factors and are ready, willing, and able to work directly with makers to create an appropriate pad for their cans. The real question is: Is there a reason to switch away from the traditional fabric-over-foam method of ear-pad design? Comply says, "Yes!"

The new Comply pads are manufactured completely within a single mold. The first step is to apply the pad cover material to the inside of the mold and cured. The memory foam is then added as a liquid that "foams up" inside to fill the mold, once this material is cured, the finished pad is removed from the mold. This creates a pad where the pad covering is very thin (much thinner than traditional fabric or leather coverings) and which is directly bonded to the underlaying foam. The result is an extremely thin and supple pad covering that can more easily conform to the shapes of the ear and head, and which permits a better seal with eyeglasses in place. The cover material also does a better job of preventing moisture and sweat from entering the foam of the ear-pad. Seems like a pretty cool idea to me.

Currently the Comply pads are available on the Eops Noisezero O2+ and Soul Combat+ headphones.

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There is already a market for 7506/V6/DT250/MP8323/M35/etc and Grado earpads. 

Both could really use comfy Comply pads. 

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Was hoping that the Comply pads would have some form of "standard" size. Quite anticipated for its launch ever since that rumor all those months ago for some T50RP modding. Here's hoping though!