CES 2014 McIntosh MHA100 Headphone Amplifier

I got wind of the newly introduced McIntosh MHA100 at RMAF in a casual conversation with McIntosh Product Manager Ron Cornelius but was nevertheless surprised to see it in the flesh at CES. The new amp is a beast by most standards having both high and low power settings in each of three impedance ranges (8-40 Ohm, 40-150 Ohm, and 150-600 Ohm) managed by McIntoshes famous autoformer output transformers. I asked Ron what the actual output impedance was in the settings, but he was unable to provide me with that info.

The MHA100 ($5000) has balanced and unbalanced analog inputs, and four digital inputs (optical, coax, AES/EBU, and asynchronous USB). The internal DAC is capable of up to 32/192 decoding. Also included is a 50WPC power amp for speakers. But the thing that most caught my attention is an analog cross-feed implementation they've called "DXC". I spent a little time listening to the cross-feed circuit and it seemed fairly effective. Sure is cool to see a headphone cross-feed circuit in a McIntosh product.

Also on display (but not available for a listen) was a set of prototype headphones called the MHP1000 tentatively slated for sale at $2000, and looking awfully Beyerdynamic-like. Really quite interesting to see McIntosh's take on high-end headphone product...and very encouraging. I'll certainly be watching.

Press release for McIntosh CES2014 introductions here.

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I really hope this sound terrible because if sounds good I'm going to be down a kidney to get the funds!

Thanks for the report Tyll and I cant wait to see a review!

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there's no job for them after graduation in any case. I'll bet this sounds very similar to the input of my MAC receiver from 1980 though, which is glorious. Long live bing'amton

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I'm already in line.  Unless they really screw the pooch somehow, this should be pretty satisfying to own and use.