CES 2014 Polk Heritage Collection Headphones

Polk's first wave of headphones introduced a couple of years ago seemed a little odd to me: a range of exercise headphones, and a noise canceler. Not that there's anything wrong with those types of headphones, but they didn't seem to resonate with the brand to me. I'm going to talk a lot about marketing headphones this year as a build-up to a bigger article I'll be writing in the near future, and Polk offers up, it seems to me, a good example here of being brand focussed.

Last year Polk changed their logo to a heart to hearken back to their original logo which had a heart as the dot above the "i" in "Polk Audio". I'm a little on the fence regarding the new design, but certainly appreciate the sentiment: Polk loves audio. My sense of the Polk brand is that a lot of long-time (read "old guy") audio lovers will identify with the Polk brand, and as such they certainly should be focussing on the 40 year old and up crowd.

With that in mind, the new Heritage Series cans seem to fit the brand well. Warm tones and real leather combine well here to create, what seems to me, an attractive headphone for the mature listener. There aren't many 50 year olds I know who'd want to dangle a pair of Beats around their neck, but I sure could see these new Polk cans as an attractive alternative. The Buckle over-ear cans are $249; the Hinge on-ear $179; the Nue Voe in-ear $199; and Nue Era in-ear $99. BUT! If these interest you, Polk is currently running an introductory sale until January 18th on these items here.

Sound quality seemed okay to me on short listen; I have requested samples of the line for measurement and review consideration.

Polk home page and Heritage Collection page.

bcswan's picture

HI Tyll,

I saw this from the Box and then double checked at Polkaudio.com


"• Superior materials, including durable, lightweight aluminum, 

stitched leatherette over a generously padded headband top 

and bottom, and virtually maintenance-free ear pads for years 

of extraordinary performance."


The reason I bought these headphones is because it is leatherette, not real leather.  I don't think the rep was correct in saying this was real leather.

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I hope it's real leather.