CES 2014 TYLT Energi+ Power Backpack

Gadget lust....I haz it. You know, when you see something really cool and have no need for it...but you still want one. Yeah, that's me, and the TYLT Energi+ backpack pushes that button.

At the heart of the pack is a 10,400mAh LiIon battery with two 1 Amp USB connections for charging phones, and one 2.1 Amp connection for charging tablets. The battery capacity will allow about four full charges for smartphones or one full charge for a tablet—certainly enough, it seems to me, to keep your gear up and running for a full day of heavy use on multiple devices. But its gadgety goodness doesn't stop there.

The backpack has numerous cable guides to get the juice to all the important places in the pack, and to allow you to route your headphone cable. Special pockets are provided for both laptop and tablet, headphones, water bottle, and a crush-proof insert in the top rear pocket for sunglasses, smartphone, and other personal effects. Numerous additional pockets and spaces are available for various needs.

I'll let Claudio tell you more about it in the video, but if you think one of these TYLT Energi+ backpacks might be right for you, check out the details on this page.