CES 2014 Velodyne vQuiet Noise Canceling Headphones

It's not surprising that I found Velodyne's first entry into headphones—the vPulse IEM—too bass heavy. They are best known as a sub-woofer manufacturer after all. To their great credit they've continued to send me headphone models as they've developed over time, and while I didn't feel the need to review them, I was able to continue to add their models to the measurement data-base and for that I'm grateful.

One thing I noticed is that Velodyne's headphones have been getting better and better as time went on, so I wasn't terribly surprised when I picked up their latest offering for a quick listen at CES and found them to be quite good. The Velodyne vQuiet is a full-size active noise canceling (ANC) headphone able to operate both actively and passively. The majority of ANC headphones that I've tested that can operate in both modes either: sound good passively but worse when active (because of poorly designed electronics); sound poor passively and better when active (because of poor acoustics corrected with DSP); or sound poor in both modes (because ANC is complicated and many makers aren't competent enough in the technology to pull it off). My short listen to the vQuiet at CES had me feeling that these cans sounded fairly good in both modes, and that their noise canceling was fairly good. And "fairly good" is high marks for a noise canceling headphone.

Other features of the vQuiet include: folding mechanism for compact storage and transport; 3-button remote on cable; cable connections on either earpiece; and a carry case.

Velodyne pages for their entire headphone line and the vQuiet page.

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Have you heard the velodyne Vpulse Tyll? S Guttenberg likes 'em, and I'm curious about these

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Why was that man using neckband w/ sony written on it? Does Velodyne have any affiliation w/ Sony?