CES 2015: Obravo HAMT-1 Hybrid Driver Headphones

oBravo embraces the Heil Air Motion Transformer as the high frequency driver for their speakers, and have, as of about a year and a half ago, included a small driver of this type in their AMT/Dynamic hybrid driver headphones. Until this years CES, my experience with multi-driver, full-size headphones has been pretty poor. They just haven't seemed to deliver anything additional to that which a single driver headphone could.

I have visited oBravo on at least four separate occasions over the last two years. Initially, I thought they were pretty poor, but over time they do seem to have gotten quite a bit better. Their offering has now expanded to hybrids using a planar-magnetic tweeter with a dynamics driver taking care of the lower registers, and six models are currently available.

The line consists of three AMT/dynamic hybrids and three planar-magnetic/dynamic hybrids ranging in price from $700 to $1900. An additional and unusual feature of their top-of-the-line model (possibly others but I didn't get that cleared up before leaving the booth) is a tuning kit. Consisting of a variety of silicon plugs that vary the venting of the drivers internally, I was told they allow the user to custom tune the headphones to their personal preference.

Generally I continue to find the oBravo line somewhat colored sounding, but their premium HAMT-1 product did sound quite good for a hybrid driver design.

Only the HAMT-1 is up at the moment, but I'm sure others will follow sometime soon on oBravo's website.

Click here if you can't see the video.

mithrandir39's picture

Last year at the Newport show.I remember being initially underwhelmed as well. it's an interesting concept, I'm just not sure it's actually necessary. I prefer the HAMT tweeters in speakers such as my Emotivas.